Latin Trap Star Myke Towers On New Album ‘LYKE MIKE,’ Breaking Boundaries and More

LYKE MIKE finds Myke Towers returning to his roots after a critically and commercially successful run since his debut in 2016. He continues to win fans over and gained new ones by crossing over and showcasing his abilities through different sounds. Myke in particular has specialized in elevated lyrics along with his spitfire delivery as a rapper where he distinguishes himself from many of his peers.

In his debut, El Final Del Principio, Myke entered the world of Latin music as a true grit rapper. This was right as the Latin trap explosion was occurring, which seamlessly allowed him to experiment and fuse his style with the trending movement. He easily adapted to the Latin Trap sound with his standout vocals and quickly became a rising star in the scene.

Photography by Jonathan Mannion.
Full story by John Bonilla.

His follow-up, Easy Money Baby set a new tone for Myke with knockout hits like “Si Se Da” and “Girl,” just to name a few. The project included a new more radio-friendly sound, which proved to be a smart move as he expanded his audience while still maintaining his essence. It was a very critical and commercial success with over a billion streams and back-to-back certifications on numerous records, Myke Towers became one of the most in-demand rappers in Latin Music. Alone in the past year, he has thirty-seven charting songs and is one of the most in-demand rappers in Latin music.

After laying a foundation that has been set of what he is capable of, it was time to switch gears into a more in-depth project. In his debut album, he was still figuring out his style, his voice, and where exactly were his limitations. In Easy Money Baby, he pushed that envelope further while also exploring different sounds and genres. In LYKE MIKE, that direction is clear and sets the blueprint for what was to come. It is work made with a purpose.

LYKE MYKE goes back to his roots in Quintana, Puerto Rico. He places a spotlight on his neighborhood, and even a nod to love for basketball and Michael Jordan, even creating a 23 tracks setlist. The essence of the album is a double feeling of being inspired and to inspire. 

Photography by Jonathan Mannion.
Full story by John Bonilla.

“This album for me like all my other bodies of work was very personal. I wanted to get back to my artistic beginnings with a more street flow, more trap flow, from where I’m from, and with the influences of my idols growing up. The lyrics I wrote come with the same amount of heart I put into them when I first started on this journey.” 

The album is a gift to his fans and the ones who were there for him from the start.

It doesn’t matter how many songs are charted or how many awards he continues to receive, he wants to always show that he can remember his roots. The album is tied in with his style of creating as he doesn’t like to follow trends but rather begins from what inspires him.

Photography by Jonathan Mannion.
Full story by John Bonilla.

Myke Towers is a highlight in the Latin music world allowing his music and talent to speak for itself. Co-signed by peers and more, his career is shaping to be one for the books. Take away the aesthetic of the flash, cars, girls and money and few acts can sustain themselves without those gimmicks. All Myke needs is a mic to shine with his talent.

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