Lucy Calcines realizes her superpower is believing in yourself

Lucy Calcines is a Cuban-Spanish singer-songwriter and producer. Her love for music dates back to her childhood watching both of her parents, who are musicians. 

Seeing them sing and play instruments together awoke something in Lucy. She began using music to her strength as she learned how to play guitar and piano. Calcines then took it to the next level and uploaded singing videos on Youtube, which now has over 500,000 views. 

With all of this passion, she decided to share her voice worldwide as she auditioned for “The Voice UK.” 

She has reached over 16 million views on her blind audition alone. She performed her remix of the Latin hit “Mi Gente” by J Balvin & Willy William. 

She achieved a four-chair turn by superstar coaches Meghan Trainor, Sir Tom Jones, Olly Murs, and

“I was not expecting to be the most-watched contestant globally. I didn’t expect to have over 20 million views on my audition or anything like that at all, especially because I was singing in Spanish in a foreign country. I wasn’t even expecting to make it through the auditions, haha. It feels surreal, but I am super happy that I was able to make such an impact being the first Latina on the show, representing my culture and leading the way for other Latin artists in the UK,” Calcines said. 

She knew her real super power was believing in herself no matter how many times she wanted to doubt herself. 

“A valuable lesson I learned from The Voice UK was that I needed to believe in myself more because if superstars like Meghan Trainor, Will, Tom Jones & Olly Murs said that I was gonna be a superstar, it meant that I am on the right path and if I keep working hard and believing in myself I can hopefully achieve superstar status like they have. So the fact that they all turned for me and believed in me really helped me grow in terms of self-confidence.

The Voice UK opened various doors for Calcines, and she emphasized how grateful she was to experience this opportunity. 

“Being on The Voice UK was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. It allowed me to meet amazing people, and I made friends for life. It was also the perfect environment to grow as an artist and meet people in the industry. I learned a lot, and I had so much fun. It also allowed me to grow my fan base significantly and internationally, so I’m really grateful that they gave me the opportunity to be a part of the show,” she said. 

She reflected on whether she wanted to do the show or not because she was too nervous, but realized this show could have a positive outcome for her career and girls who look like her to know that anything is possible. 

 “I am so grateful I actually decided to audition because amazing things happened from there, such as becoming the most-watched audition globally in 2020,” she said. 

She was on the team of will. where she learned so many valuable things about artistry, music and more. 

“Will is super cool, and I had so much fun with him. He gave me advice on a wider spectrum when it comes to the industry, not only performing. For example, he would give me tips on songwriting, etc. So I was really grateful that he helped me with more aspects of my career outside of the show,” Calcines said.

Through this experience, she learned so many things about herself and what she wanted for women in the industry. “I would love to be successful while making the music that I believe in and staying true to myself, instead of changing who I am to fit in with what’s already trendy or successful. I also want to empower other women in the industry and make some noise since I’ve always believed that it is harder to become successful in the music industry as a woman, especially because of stereotypes and being overlooked, so I’d love to raise awareness to this,” she said. 

My name is Kenyatta Victoria, a budding entertainment journalist ready to tell stories for the voiceless and underrepresented.


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