Luke Storey: Elevating Humanity through Wellness and Spiritual Growth Interview

Luke Storey is a transformative figure dedicated to inspiring and uplifting humanity through spirituality and intentional wellness lifestyle design. Through his podcast, public speaking engagements, and writing, he encourages individuals to raise their consciousness and optimize their health. Luke’s journey began in Hollywood, where he pursued a career in music, playing with renowned bands like Motorhead and MC5. However, his path was derailed by drug addiction and alcoholism, leading him to seek help and embark on a journey of recovery and self-discovery.


After overcoming his addictions, Luke immersed himself in spirituality and alternative health practices. His experiences and knowledge became integral to his life, and he felt compelled to share them with others. Luke’s impact extended beyond Hollywood as he worked as a fashion stylist for 17 years, collaborating with artists and celebrities such as Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, and Kim Kardashian. In 2008, he founded the School of Style, an indie fashion school, and taught classes across the United States before transitioning to an online format in 2018.


Luke Storey’s work goes beyond individual clients and focuses on uplifting the entire community of humanity. He emphasizes the value of service and helping others overcome their limitations as a means of personal growth. Luke’s teachings encompass emotional, physical, and spiritual healing, empowering individuals to break free from suffering and find the capacity to serve others. Through his podcast, The Life Stylist Podcast, he curates an educational platform, featuring experts in trauma, spirituality, biohacking, and more. His upcoming book, set to be published in 2024, explores themes of loneliness and provides teachings on trauma, addiction, recovery, and spirituality, offering guidance to readers in finding connection with themselves and others.

Luke Storey’s work is a testament to his belief that anyone can live without physical disease and emotional suffering by adopting a wellness lifestyle plan and committing to a spiritual path. Through his passion, knowledge, and dedication, he continues to make a profound impact on the lives of many, offering guidance and inspiration for personal growth and transformation.

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Who is Luke Storey? My life and work are dedicated to uplifting humanity. My podcast, public speaking, and writing inspire people to raise their consciousness through spirituality and to optimize their health through intentional wellness lifestyle design. 


You have a background in Hollywood. How was your life back in the day? I moved to Hollywood when I was 19, in 1989. Like many young rebels from small towns, I had huge dreams and aspirations to become a musician. I had some amazing opportunities and had a few shots at success. I played with some of my childhood heroes from bands like Motorhead, The New York Dolls, and MC5 and came close to having a career in music. 


However, my career and life were derailed by drug addiction and alcoholism. I became lost in the dark underworld of Tinseltown until I was finally desperate enough to seek help. At 26, I entered a treatment program and miraculously began my life anew. At this point, I became obsessed with spirituality and alternative health. It started as a necessary self-preservation interest, then became integral to my life as I began to teach others what I had learned. In the years following my recovery, I had the opportunity to become a wardrobe assistant with the band Aerosmith. This was the catalyst for what would become a 17-year career as a fashion stylist. 


During that time, I would go on to work with other artists and celebrities like Ozzy Osbourne, Foo Fighters, Marilyn Manson, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West. In 2008 I had the idea to start my indie fashion school to teach people how to do what I did. And thus, was born. I went on to teach classes in eight US cities with School of Style before transitioning to an online format in 2018. While running SOS, I also taught fashion styling at FIDM and Parsons. SOS was acquired in 2023, as I put all my focus into my brand in the wellness industry. 


How do you believe your work impacts your community? I view the entirety of humanity as my community. This is why I’ve chosen to share my message on a large scale through my podcast and other work. One of the most important lessons I learned in the early days of addiction recovery was the value of service. Having been very self-centered before my sobriety, I quickly learned that helping others overcome their limitations was the fastest way to overcome mine. 


Looking back all these years later, my work in the world is fundamentally the same- I help people alleviate their suffering and gain the capacity to serve others. By sharing my experience in emotional, physical, and spiritual healing, I help people become free.

Can you share a story of a client whose life you have positively impacted through your work? It’s been some time since I worked one-on-one with clients in a coaching capacity. I cast a wider net these days to help more people. The feedback I receive from people daily is what fuels my continued work output. It ranges from helping someone determine the best circadian lighting and water purification system for their home to learning how to heal from codependency and create healthy boundaries. Because my journey has included the integration of all levels of healing, I meet people where they are. If someone has a chronic physical illness, I provide resources for them to employ for their recovery. Another person might feel stuck in their meditation practice, so I provide content that addresses that issue. 


How has your work evolved? For many years, I worked as a fashion stylist in Hollywood, and the goal was to help clients feel good on the inside by looking good on the outside. My current mission is the opposite: I help people feel good inside, resulting in their outer appearance reflecting their inner vitality. 


Can we see you on the road for a live event anytime in the near future? Are you planning on doing more events in person? My speaking schedule has slowed down a bit to allow time for me to write my upcoming book, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to MC here in Texas on Oct 12-15. Confluence is a freedom-centered event where like-minded people can build community and learn about regenerative agriculture, medical sovereignty, and self-empowerment. 


How’s your healing journey? What made you come up with the decision that this was your journey and what you needed? And what do you want to share with young generations looking for the same answers? My healing has evolved over the years. In the early stages, it was all about staying sober and avoiding the trap of addiction. As I progressed, I discovered that I had much unresolved emotional trauma and PTSD from my childhood. As I’ve done deeper healing work, I’ve found those issues to be the root of my former addictions. 


After exploring so many spiritual disciplines, and therapies, it’s clear to me that many people with addictions and physical and mental illness have some degree of trauma in their past. So broadly speaking, my recommendation is to find a safe way to begin to peel back the layers of emotional wounds while at the same time taking whatever steps one can to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. 


Can you explain what The Life Stylist Podcast is and how it differs from your other work? My podcast has been on the air since 2016 and just hit 12 million downloads. The overall theme is comprehensive healing- mind, body, and spirit. For example, I might feature a trauma expert like Dr. Gabor Mate or a spiritual teacher like Dr. Joe Dispeneza one week, followed by a biohacking leader like Dave Asprey the next. 


The podcast is about me curating an educational platform for other experts in their chosen fields. On the other hand, my work outside of the podcast involves me sharing my strategies directly through online courses, speaking engagements, and so on. I enjoy both aspects, as I’m constantly learning as I continue to teach.

What inspired you to start your new journey, and what inspired you to create your podcast? After working for many years as a fashion stylist and founder of the School of Style, I was yearning to help people more meaningfully. While it was fun and creative to help a celebrity look great or to teach a fashion student how to launch a career, I knew that my true gifts involved having a bigger impact on people’s lives.

As an avid audiobook and podcast listener, the most logical first step was to create a podcast myself. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. It has changed my life and career and helped improve the lives of so many others. Having that level of impact would be a lot more difficult without the advantages of long-form, independent media.

We know that you’re working on a book. Is there anything you want to share with our readers about your book? And why should they be on the lookout for that? 
I am in the book’s early stages and am having an incredible awakening as I proceed. Long-form writing, as opposed to blogs or social media content, is a completely different process. It’s wildly challenging but equally rewarding. While the book’s title is still under wraps, the theme is loneliness and how I have overcome it.

It includes teachings on trauma, addiction, recovery, and spirituality. The book’s purpose is to assist readers in finding a sense of connection with themselves and others. If all goes according to plan, it will be published in 2024. 11. What advice do you have for anyone interested in learning more about your work? The easiest way for people to engage with my work is by subscribing to my podcast. This will provide the broadest insight into my perspective on health and spirituality. From there, listeners are guided to other ways to explore my teachings.

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or initiatives you’re working on?
 In addition to my brand, I’m creating a platform with my wife, Alyson Charles Storey, author of the book Animal Power. Our project is called Higher Power Couple, and it’s focused on creating healthy romantic partnerships. Each of us has experienced a lot of dysfunction and pain in this area, so we are committed to sharing the solutions we’ve discovered with people seeking spiritually-aligned partnerships. Higher Power Couple’s ventures will include a 2024 retreat and a book.

What message do you hope to share through your work? 
My message is simple: Anyone can live without physical disease and emotional suffering. This can be achieved by adopting a wellness lifestyle plan and sincere commitment to a spiritual path. Every one of us has the potential for complete healing. We need to apply the appropriate principles that are most useful to our situation.

Something that you are looking forward to this year? 
My deepest wish this year is to conceive our first child. This desire manifested later in life, so while it feels urgent, I intend to allow it to become a reality with ease and flow. I know there is so much more to learn about love, and the experience of parenthood will be my biggest teacher.

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