Luxe Du Jour Collection: Revolutionizing Luxury Handbags with Sustainability and Exclusive Offerings

Luxe Du Jour Collection is revolutionizing the luxury handbag market with its unique offerings and commitment to sustainability. In an exclusive interview with the owner, we gained insights into what sets Luxe Du Jour apart from other retailers and how they have made a significant impact in the industry.

Luxe Du Jour, also available at PR SOLO, is not just a retailer; it’s a one-stop platform where customers can shop, sell, rent, or restore preowned designer handbags and accessories. With their app, customers can conveniently access all these services in one place. The introduction of Luxe Bag Rental has been a game-changer, allowing consumers to rent their dream bags at a fraction of the price. It’s like the “AIRBNB” of bags, providing a cost-effective way to experience luxury. On the other hand, lenders can earn passive income as their items get rented out, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

When it comes to sustainability, Luxe Du Jour incorporates the three R’s in their business model: recycling, reusing, and reducing waste. By encouraging the purchase of preowned handbags, they contribute to recycling and reducing the carbon footprint associated with the production of new bags. Through bag rental, they promote reusing, ensuring that bags have multiple users and a longer lifespan. Additionally, their Luxe Bag Spa restores worn-out handbags, giving them a new lease on life and reducing waste.

The Luxe Bag Spa has been a significant enhancement to the Luxe Du Jour experience. Visible wear and tear can discourage buyers and reduce the value for sellers. However, the Bag Spa solves this problem by increasing the resale value and appearance of designer handbags. Customers can now enjoy a seamless process of shopping and selling preowned items without the hassle of finding a separate repair service.

In terms of quality and craftsmanship, Luxe Du Jour sets itself apart with its innovative technology and business model. They focus on building a community rather than just selling products. While the brand is making waves among popular reality TV stars, such as those from “Selling Sunset,” they have yet to make a significant impact on major events. However, Luxe Du Jour recently appeared on “Dragons’ Den,” the Canadian version of “Shark Tank,” where three investors expressed interest in supporting the company. Additionally, a reality TV show called “Bags in the City” is in the works, showcasing the brand’s journey.


Luxe Du Jour continues to redefine the luxury handbag market by offering sustainable options and a comprehensive platform for customers to indulge in their love for designer luxury. With their unique services and dedication to building a community, Luxe Du Jour is poised to make a lasting impact on the industry.


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Can you tell us more about the Luxe Du Jour Collection and its unique offerings in the luxury handbag market? Luxe Du Jour is disrupting the luxury resale industry by being the one-stop platform where people can shop, sell, rent, or restore preowned designer handbags and accessories. Consumers can rent their dream bags for a small fraction of the price and lenders can make passive income every month as their item gets rented out think of it like the ‘AIRBNB’ of bags. Consumers that love designer luxury can use one or all of the services conveniently through ONE APP!


How did Luxe Du Jour contribute to bringing sustainability to the luxury market, and what role does consignment play in their business model? Luxe Du Jour integrates the 3 R’s in everything we do. Every time someone buys a preowned handbag we are contributing to recycling. Every time someone rents a handbag we are contributing to reusing. Every time we restore a handbag to life we are reducing waste. Every designer handbag reduces approximately 110.0kg of CO2.


Could you elaborate on the Luxe Bag Spa and Luxe Bag Rental services launched in 2021? How have these additions enhanced the Luxe Du Jour experience? Luxe Bag Spa has changed the way someone shops and sells preowned designer handbags because often visible wear and tear can deter someone from wanting to buy a preowned item or it can decrease the value of an item significantly for the seller. Bag Spa was able to solve that problem for shoppers and sellers and increase the resale value and appearance of a designer handbag giving it another chance at life. This overall is a great experience for our buyers and sellers to be able to do this all in the same place instead of trying to find a cobbler to fix it first or after you purchase something preowned. 


Luxe bag rental was born when we discovered a problem of consumers constantly buying and selling the same item within months and not being able to test out a high-end designer handbag first before committing thousands of dollars to it! We also noticed during covid the average bag enthusiast had an average of 9 designer bags in their closet that weren’t being worn frequently. We decided to complete an ecosystem to solve these problems for our consumers!

What sets Luxe Du Jour apart from other luxury handbag retailers in terms of the quality and craftsmanship of their bags? Luxe Du Jour is the leading innovator in luxury fashion! Our technology and business model sets us apart from the other retailers. There is no other model like ours and we focus on building a community instead of just selling our products.


Can you share some insights into the celebrities and events where Luxe Du Jour handbags have made a significant impact, such as the Met Gala and Cannes Film Festival? You will see most of the selling sunset stars rocking their designer handbags from us and as a company, we haven’t made a significant impact on major events YET. But we just got on dragons den this year which is the shark tank of Canada and got 3 dragons to want to invest in the company! Luxe Du Jour also has a reality tv show in the works with a major network called “BAGS IN THE CITY”

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