With a striking black-and-white cover, the international Mexican superstar Mario Bautista unveils his highly anticipated fourth studio album, FÉNIX, which represents a step into the beginning of a new chapter in his life. 

The album, now available on all digital platforms, features collaborations with notable talents such as Adriel Favela, Bobby Pulido and Karol Sevilla. It is composed of 14 curated tracks plus bonus track “Baby Girl” and includes previously dropped hits “Mejor Así,” “Los Malacostumbre,” “Pal’ Viejo,” “Anónimo” and a remix of his original trap inspired single “Cabrón Yo Puedo,” this time with a banda twist.

This album is a nod to his own rebirth and reawakening, as he embraces his strengths and weaknesses through heartfelt and witty lyrics. This project took the singer-songwriter a year and a half to complete and encloses a period where he let go of personal and emotional relationships as he focused on his passion for music and connected with himself. Mario describes his life’s mission as the ability to “unite mankind in all aspects,” and he claims the unity with oneself is the primary union we must work on.

Under the realm of regional Mexican music, Mario fuses various subgenres such as cumbia, norteño and mariachi in this album, but dares to add a slight touch of reggaeton. He explains that regional Mexican music gives him the ability to send profound messages through his lyrics, this is the reason he kept his album under this style. However, he did hint at a second album, where fans can expect to listen to Mario’s wild side that is also a part of his revival process.

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As he turns over a new page, Mario embraces his vulnerability in this work of art, portraying raw and pure emotions through his undoubted talent for storytelling.

These songs disguise various mantras that highlight his current reality. The most notable one, “Cabron Yo Puedo,” is a pep talk to himself, where he takes on a “you can do anything” attitude. He says it is standing in the mirroring and reminding yourself you are capable. Mario describes the album’s focus track “Chernobyl,” as an eye-opener. It’s a song that embodies the epitome of self-love, being able to walk away from a toxic relationship where breaking your heart might be what it takes to breathe again. “Flores” is a metaphor for the immense love towards his family. Written originally for his brother’s wedding, this song holds a special place in the singer’s heart. He vividly remembers the moment he sang it live for his family and the tears running down his grandmother’s cheeks.

Pasa El Tip” featuring El David is a petition for the perfect recipe to forget a past lover, “la mission es poder olvidarme de ti,” they sing. “Sorry :(” offers an apology to a lover for constantly messing up and not valuing something as significant as when she said, “I love you.”

Hilito Rojo” turns things around and offers listeners a lively outlook on the cliché idea of a soulmate or matching other half. In “15 de Septiembre,” Mario praises an independent woman who he fell head over heels for. “Mujer Maravilla” is an ode to the most important women in his life: mother, grandmother, and aunts. His self-titled single “Mario” paints a personal encounter. He speaks to his younger self with an empowering message “el viaje es largo pero aqui lo espero,” he sings. It is an anthem of personal growth.

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FÉNIX released at 5:55pm (local time in Mexico) and it is not pure coincidence or a meaningless strategy. In an Instagram live with Billboard Latin, Mario explained that “5” is his lucky number and he felt it was only right that it tied to his project in this way.


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