Martha Luna: Fearless Fashion

Martha Luna is paving her path within fashion fearlessly and effortlessly. Luna knew this passion would help her reach her ultimate goals, sharing her fashion expertise with the world and sharing beauty through various perspectives.

“We all know what it is to be beautiful on the outside, however, beautiful to me is about the internal beauty. The one that come from within that isn’t physical. Beauty is positive, balanced and harmonious, and it creates feelings of pleasure, satisfaction and emotional well-being. People with a beautiful soul, makes others feel safe and at peace,” Luna said.

Being able to view beauty from different angles is what keeps her excited when experiencing fashion. “The thing about fashion that makes it so addictive is that there’s a different trend everyday. There are always new designers & new collections to discover, no matter where in the world you are. Fashion is ever evolving,” she said.

Take a look at the shoot below styled by Ruben Fajardo and photographed by Salvatore Demaio. Makeup by Natasha Jenkins.

The value she holds with fashion is unmatched, she is able to fulfill the needs of any client no matter what. 

“My proudest moment was styling for the Latina actress and singer Grizel del Valle for the Oscars in February 2020. And another favorite moment was making history during NYFW. My client, Brytiago, was the first latino male artist to walk the runway during the most important week in fashion.”

Luna makes it apparent that there is an importance to giving credit because many times those who contribute within the background are not always recognized. 

“I feel that the characteristics MY perfect client should have should be giving credit to the stylist who made your image possible, as well as someone who understands your vision and vice versa in order to create and be a great team together. Definitely a muse,” Luna said.

She understands knowing that life is a mystery and continues to allow herself to trust her gift when it comes to her career.

“This is a year that I strongly feel in my heart that huge things will take off in my career and personal life. I didn’t even create a vision board as I normally do. I just trust strongly believe that God has amazing surprises to take me to the highest peak I’ve ever reached in my career,” she said. 

As we dive deeper into 2021 she continues to be strikingly different by staying true to herself and knowing nobody can replicate her talent and capabilities.

My name is Kenyatta Victoria, a budding entertainment journalist ready to tell stories for the voiceless and underrepresented.


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