Natives of Colombia’s “City of Eternal Spring”, Medellín: Piso 21 has set an imprint in music on an international scale, and now are here to take the U.S. by storm with their music. The group consists of Pablo, David (DIM), Juan (El Profe) and the newest member, Lorduy. Each member brings a unique set of skills to the group, identifying each and every one of them, with a variety of dynamic sounds, musical and vocal abilities, eccentric influences and musical taste, as well as raw composition skills and stellar production styles. Overall, their skill set brings a one-of-a-kind personality to the group, allowing them to seamlessly create music across all genres while still maintaining a core musical identity and sound. Their album UBUNTU (2018) and hit singles like “Te Vi” placed them on the world’s radar as the numbers raked in and the accolades proved their talent. Their latest hit single, “Querida” featuring Feid, has over 11 million views on YouTube. The evolution they have shown needs to be recognized as they’ve adapted and conquered to remain in the game and establish their name even further. There is still hunger for more and all we’ve seen is only the beginning of what’s to come.

Photography by Federico Gomez.

Lorduy: After eleven years into his music career, he is now present with the group. He plays guitar, composes and has a prominent skill in production. His starter days in his career included working with now super producers Mosty and Tezzel before joining Piso 21. Being now part of this group, music has been a gift he can now share on a global scale. Traveling with the band has been one of his highlights and blessings for him.

David (aka DIM): Music has always been present in his life due to his family. His dad sang ballads and his mother would travel to areas like Panama and Venezuela, places that exposed him to international music. Naturally, the artists he was introduced to such as Cafeta Cuba, Mana and Luis Miguel influenced the sound he developed. Along with this, he picked up the guitar as his instrument of choice from a young age. Additional to the sounds he had present, Reggaeton also became such a profound genre in the Latin music world. David’s voice has contributed to fusing that approach with a current sound.

Pablo: He started his music education from a young age because his older brother took piano lessons and that was his first contact with music. He continued this as a hobby until about the age of 16-17, then it took new life as a passion. Being part of Piso 21, it is a passion that has turned into his career with how he describes his “four best friends, like something off a movie.” The dream is to have the same longevity as the Rolling Stones, as they have a career that evolved with fans over the decades. With many acts emerging, remaining relevant is the real challenge in the industry.

Juan (aka El Profe): He started his music journey by learning the drums in church at the age of 7. In addition, he also learned the guitar. He knew that was his place in the world as he pursued an education in order to be a music professor, hence the name “El Profe.” His favorite part of being part of Piso 21 is living the dream, being able to live off of his art. The gift of companionship with his friends and not only the financial aspect of it, but the artistry itself. It’s a privilege to create a song in the comfort of your home and then have it be played all around the world. Art is part of Juan, and vice versa, his dream was to be a music professor, but there was also a heavy interest in the design, aesthetics, and instruments. He is a man of many talents as he plays piano, drums, guitar, bass, and percussion. The only thing he was trying to do was play the harp, which he tried to learn but ultimately, the guitar won.

The common denominator between these gifted members is the passion they all share for music. The focus for their goals is clear as day; goals such as winning a GRAMMY and collaborating with heavyweights like Drake and Bruno Mars. Music fuels them, and without it, they wouldn’t see themselves doing anything else.  It’s a strong union filled with immense talent, the dedication that kept their spirit alive. Piso 21’s sound is harmonious, as is their relationship, which comes off as a brotherhood, supporting and uplifting each other. It is uncommon to see a group have each other’s best interests and still allow their personality and musical talents to stand out individually. They have accomplished so much in the past few years, and it is exciting to see how far they will go.

Latin Music Editor at Contrast Magazine.


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