Ovy On The Drums Is The Contrast Man

Reggaeton and Colombia have become common words in the same sentence due to the non-stop talent that keeps taking leaps from there. One more name to be on the lookout for is composer and producer: Ovy on the Drums. With a massive catalog as a producer across various genres, he has cemented his name with certified hits. His signature style and producer tag have quickly become one of the most recognizable sounds in the reggaeton genre. Amassing hits as a producer, composer for the likes of Karol G, Maluma, Anuel AA, and plenty more, It is Ovy’s time to jump into the spotlight even further as an artist.

The beginning days of music, like his peers, were uncertain at times. Music and passion were there, but the validation and financial success were shaky. However, after his beat was used for a record featuring Maluma, Kevin Roldan, and Andy Rivera, this was the light at the end of the tunnel. The song was called “Salgamos,” and it set the ground for what was to come.

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Everything became clear for OVY; he is precisely where he needs to be. Like a domino effect, the business began to take off successfully for him both as a producer and composer. As his career grew, so did his friendship with one particular artist, Karol G. Ovy has significantly contributed to the Colombian superstar Karol G’s career. On her debut album “Unstoppable,” it was their work together that allowed her to have substantial crossover success while also building his credibility along with it.

Not only are they great friends, but they are also great collaborators. Ovy cites Karol as a musically gifted for him to run his music to her for feedback. Enough that his soon to be hit “Miedito O Que” will be featuring her, Ovy as an artist, and Danny Ocean. The record carries a 70’s rock influence over OVY’s signature drumbeat. It’s a feel-good single with all the right elements to elevate his career as a soloist even further than where it currently stands.

This will close off 2020 on a high for him, with plenty of music coming in 2021 from himself as both artist and producer. However, do not let this notion mean he has any ideas of removing the producer from his resume. He is merely expanding his brand. As an overall hand on the artist, Ovy enjoyed comparing Kanye West as he also started behind the scenes and step-by-step grew to become the empire he is today.

That being said, he is happy with the recognition producers to have in today’s time. Like Scott Storch and Timbaland changed music forever, he wants to emulate that type of legacy. He checks all his messages and DMs from fans jumping into the music game because of him. That’s where life syncs perfectly because that is the imprint he wants to leave behind, to be a producer and artist that will be spoken about in ten and twenty years. It’s part of Ovy’s legacy: to motivate and inspire.

Ovy has only just begun to scratch the surface of the next phase of his career. He has already created an incredible layout of music for fans to connect to and find a piece of themselves within it. He is remaining faithful to himself with honesty and sincerity, defining him as a person and creatively. He is always ready for the next challenge. Highly admired, respected, and one of the sought after producers in the game,
It’s Ovy on the Drum’s world, and we’re dancing to it.

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