Nathaniel Potvin: Actor, Producer and Director Lands Role in Ryan Murphy’s “The Prom” with Meryl Streep

Nathaniel Potvin, a rising young actor, director, and producer, is on the top of his game. The California-born talent who is known for his roles in “Twist of Faith” “Table 58”, and many popular TV shows including “Girl Meets World”, “CSI,” and “Jessie,” has landed a role in the star-studded new Ryan Murphy film, “The Prom,” with Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman.

The talented actor is also active in advocating for equality and ending gun violence. He partners with organizations like “Everytown For Gun Safety”, and” The Cameron Boyce Foundation” to help advance their important agendas.

We caught up with Nathaniel and learned about his exciting new projects, including his new feature film, “The Prom.”

How have you been during quarantine?  “I’ve been doing great, trying to stay healthy and safe. I’m keeping myself busy and productive and trying to find new things to sink my teeth into.  I have been watching a bunch of foreign films and essential art house films, putting myself through my own film school. I have also been taking some college courses and enjoying shooting a lot of film with my super 8 camera.”

Tell us about your character in “The Prom”. Can you relate to him in any ways? “My character in “The Prom” is named Kevin… and we are very different. Kevin is one of the bullies/jocks who attends the school where there is injustice against a girl who wants to take another girl to the prom with her. He, with the help of others, terrorizes this young girl for being gay.”

Do you feel your previous roles on Disney, or any former roles have helped you prepare for your role in “The Prom”? “Yes, Of course! The focus, discipline and work ethic required for my other jobs prepared me for “The Prom.” I’m eternally grateful for all those jobs because I really believe I wouldn’t have booked this role without them.”

What has it been like working alongside prestigious actors such as Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman? Have you learned anything working with them? “It was such a treat! Truly a dream come true! These women are the cream of the crop, in my opinion, and two of the best actresses ever. I was truly fortunate to be in the same room as them and even share a scene with them. I learned the importance of spontaneity within a character to make them well rounded.”

It’s incredible that you’re into giving back. In addition to The Cameron Boyce Foundation, what are some other charities and causes you support? “I love the “Everytown For Gun Safety” non-profit organization because there should be stricter gun laws in America. It is said that 39,773 people die from guns in the US, which to me is bizarre. I also support BLD PWR and BLM because the idea of Black Lives Matter is just a simple fact, and as a young black man, we need serious change in our systemically racist country. is a great organization because it is our basic civil right to vote. Many amazing people from the civil rights movement fought for my right to vote and I owe it to them to exercise that right. is a nonprofit organization that gives kids who don’t usually have the chance to express themselves opportunities to use their voice through the medium of film. I believe we need more minority voices in the film industry, and I love that Reel Start does that.”

Congrats on your directorial debut! Can you tell us a little bit about the project you directed? “Thank you! The short film is called L.I.P.  and it was a fun experiment with a talented friend of mine who wrote the project. We are both obsessed with being film makers and creating opportunities for ourselves. We did everything – produced, directed, and starred in the project.  L.I.P is about two brothers struggling to make morally stable decisions in a near death situation. We submitted to a bunch of festivals and won a couple of awards. It was a great experience.”

What’s next for you? “There are some opportunities in the works right now, but I’m always working on my own project as well. I enjoy writing and I love collaborating with close friends on new ideas.”


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