Rainsford Discusses Music, Animal Activism and Creativity

Singer, songwriter, dancer, and activist are just some of the words you might use to describe the LA based artist Rainsford, and her creativity has led to the release of her new single and music video, “Oh My God.” Consistently acknowledged as a unique talent on the rise, Rainsford has found a niche in music, with Spotify streams in the millions, and a consistent approach to releasing tracks that feel on brand to her soulful-pop fusion.

The singer (who comes off as having an artistic spirit) additionally uses her platform to bring attention to animal rights, proving that while she is a truly passionate musician, she’s prepared to deliver messages to promote a better world. With new music on the way and a new video to share, we spoke with Rainsford to discuss her new tracks, musicians that inspired her history of creativity, and the importance of compassion for animals.

Contrast: “Crying in the Mirror” is really a solid track, because it has this almost bubbly production, but it’s got a lot of weight to it lyrically. What was it like bringing that song and video to life?

Rainsford: That video was a dream come true for me. I came up with the idea for the video long before we actually started shooting.  Plus, getting some of my best friends involved, made it really fun and special.

Contrast: So far this year you’ve released two singles with one on the way — what can you tell us a little bit about the next song “Oh My God” you’ll be releasing?

Rainsford: “Oh My God” is a somewhat unusual track for me because it has so much levity.  I wanted to release something that felt fun and silly, and that is easy to enjoy.  I wrote it with one of my best friends, Nick.  You can actually hear me laughing at the top of the track!

Contrast: You have two upcoming single releases. Which one are you particularly excited to share?

Rainsford: I am SO excited for both!

Contrast: As an artist, you’ve gained a lot of experience in so many different mediums. Have you always had that drive to create in different spaces?

Rainsford: I think so, yes. I started dancing at a really young age. I always wanted to do school plays and choirs. My dad taught me to play guitar when I was growing up, and I also took piano and violin lessons. I love to paint and mess around with clay. My friends and I draw on each other almost every time we have a drink, lol. I am definitely not good at everything artistically, but I really enjoy playing around and experimenting.

Contrast: Vocally, you have a really unique and layered sound — so growing up, were there any artists that you identified with or that helped you discover your own niche in music?

Rainsford: As a kid in particular, was drawn to strong, soulful voices like Etta James, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, and Otis Redding. So vocally, those were the people I grew up emulating.

Contrast: Lastly, I’ve seen that you’re very outspoken about animal rights via social media, which is a very important topic to discuss. Are there any specific organizations you’d like to spotlight or resources that you’d like to share?

Rainsford: There are so many wonderful organizations doing great work for the benefit of animals including PETA, ASPCA, and Animal Welfare Institute to name a few. I hope people begin to treat animals with compassion and recognize the value of their lives. Mammals in particular, are becoming extinct at an unprecedented rate. Largely due to deforestation and climate change, which the meat industry plays a huge part in. It’s so painful to recognize what we allow to happen to animals by turning a blind eye. But I think we’re at a turning point, and I’m hopeful more and more of us will start to lead with our hearts.

“Oh My God” is out now, as well as the video below, directed by Dana Boulos, cinematography by Bernard Evans and produced by Brainfreeze.


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