Post Malone Opens Up About Addictions & Heartache In New Single “Chemical”

Post Malone is back with an incredible pop anthem. His new single “Chemical” takes a deep dive into his addictions and struggles, revealing the raw truth of his own personal experiences.

In this latest release, he delves into the depths of addiction and how it impacts relationships: “I can’t let go, it’s chemical / No I can’t let go, it’s chemical,” he sings on its chorus. With its vibrant colors and Midwest visuals featuring Post dancing through several photo sets, there’s a duality to this track that’s hard to ignore––on the surface it appears joyous and uplifting, but underneath there’s darkness. This allows listeners to connect with Malone on a deeper level; they get an intimate look into the mind of one of today’s biggest stars and see where his thoughts are taking him musically.

It’s clear that Post Malone wants us to understand life in all its brokenness and beauty through music. His newest single is yet another stellar reminder of why Post is one of music’s most celebrated and beloved artists of our time. Stream the new single below!

Director: Alfred Marroquin
Creative Direction: PlayLab Inc.
Visual Content & Production, Republic Records: Devon Libran

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