Serial Entrepreneur Dara Mirjahangiry Talks About Work Ethic, Sei Less Founding Story & More

The transition from finance to hospitality can be intimidating, but with the right work ethic and drive, it is achievable. According to Dara Mirjahangiry, co-founder of Sei Less, it’s all about embracing change and not getting discouraged if plans don’t go your way. He stresses that hard work is key to making a business successful; if you put in the effort and stay genuine, then success will come.

Since its opening, Sei Less has been met with great success – becoming a cultural hotspot for many. Hosting some of the biggest names such as Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, and Mayor Eric Adams has only added to its achievements. With Dara’s unwavering drive and commitment to his business, Sei Less is destined for greatness.

I’m not a food critic, but I recently had the pleasure of enjoying this culinary experience, along with our Marketing Director, Matthew Felix; and it was obvious why Sei Less is an industry hotspot. Not only did the food exceed our expectations, but we were also made to feel comfortable and respected when dining at Sei Less. We understand why Sei Less has been received so well by their guests, as we felt right at home while being able to sample all of their dishes. The level of quality in both service and food was beyond expectations and we recommend everyone try out this establishment for a memorable dining experience.

Running a successful business like Sei Less requires hard work and dedication. Dara Mirjahangiry has learned that it is possible for success to quickly turn into the hospitality business, so it is essential to continually inject energy into Sei Less to maintain their success. People are often unaware of the difficult task that comes with owning their own business.

Dara didn’t expect his college job in the restaurant business to turn into a career, but it did. After the financial crisis in 2008, Dara “transitioned to hospitality, which I thought was temporary to make ends meet and figure out what I was going to do as my next step.” He built relationships with celebrities through his work and frequently went out with them afterwards, forging genuine connections along the way. Over time, Dara was able to offer more than just dinner reservations – he provided white glove service for many of these clients. It’s clear that hard work has paid off for him.

Dara says, “I think at Sei Less we’ve been very fortunate, and there have been very few downfalls, but I think overall in business, you just have to keep your brand fresh and relevant and just keep your foot on the pedal. Just keep the momentum.”

The definition of Contrast is “to be strikingly different.” Dara believes his restaurant Sei Less is strikingly different and stands out from others, and that his clientele feels safe and at home. “Rick Ross said to me once… ‘I mess with you because you’re loyal, you’re honest, and you’re genuine.’ Those are the three things that I think kind of set me apart.”

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