Reed Shannon Talks “Motown: The Musical,” Amazon’s “The Wilds” and More

Broadway star, voice-actor, and all-around entertainer, Reed Shannon is the definition of a go-getter. He has toured with Broadway’s “Motown: The Musical”, guest starred on several Nickelodeon shows, and even released his own EP titled “Soul Play”. It makes one wonder if there’s anything that Reed Shannon can’t do; so far that hasn’t been the case. He has made his stamp in Hollywood and continues to climb the ladder all on his own. Independence has been gift wrapped and the package is Reed Shannon.

As a child, Shannon became enamored with the talent that came in established actors such as Will Smith and Denzel Washington. It was then that he decided a career as a performer was what was destined for him. In 2014, Shannon left his home in North Carolina to pursue his dreams in entertainment. He found a true love in performing in Broadway shows. So much so that one day he hopes to return to the niche genre.

Photography by Sergio Garcia
Photography by Sergio Garcia

Most recently, he can be spotted in Amazon’s hit series “The Wilds” playing the character of Scotty Sims. He is thrilled to play someone who is known to be a fast-talking businessman who values loyalty and entrepreneurship. Two traits that Reed, himself, can identify with.

He was stoked to try his hand in something new when he was cast as a voice on “Blaze and The Monster Machines” and “Arcane”. As he was recording an album at the same time, that experience helped him learn how to properly record.

In fact, he would recommend all who are going down that path to create in whatever way they can and to never stop expanding.

Reed cites Donald Glover as someone he finds inspirational and can see himself working with in the future as a fellow all-encompassing entertainer. He also mentions Lil Rel Howery who he hopes to shadow being a stand-up comedian in L.A himself. In May, he is looking forward to releasing “Drown”, a ballad from his discography produced by his “The Wilds” cast mate, Aidan Laprete. He doesn’t know where his next adventure will take him, but he is certain it will be creative, and it will be for the enjoyment of all of you.

Reed Shannon can be followed on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as @ReedShannon as well as TikTok as @thereedlorenzoshow.


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