Chef Claudia Drops New Discovery+ Series Showcasing Different Foods & Cultures Along The Border

There’s no other person to turn to when you’re craving delicious enchiladas as you watch the waves pass than Chef Claudia Sandoval. The head honcho in authentic Mexican cuisine is coming with a brand new show sure to hit your taste buds. “Taste of the Border” premiered on Cinco de Mayo on Discovery+. The show is set to highlight the dishes in small towns that make locals and visitors come back. Sandoval is not only hosting the show but will give viewers tidbits of history at each stop.

Chef Claudia Sandoval comes from a home of strong and independent women. Sandoval’s mother and grandmother passed down their love of cooking to the chef, creating a new love. They used their backgrounds originating in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, to whip up delicious dishes in the kitchen. As a native San Diegan, Sandoval was able to take her talents to Master Chef and, there, would win in its sixth season.

Since then, she has taken culinary to the next level and has been creating platforms stretching far and wide.


Soon after winning MasterChef, Chef Claudia manufactured her own business. “Claudia’s Cocina” is a catering and consulting company that provides the best in coastal Mexican cuisine. Now a familiar face, brands such as Tajín, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, and T-Mobile have worked with the impressive chef. She also took the opportunity to write a cookbook that would make replicating her recipes easy for those at home, titled “Claudia’s Cocina: A Taste of Mexico.” In a twist of fate, she was also called to circle back to Master Chef for the Latino series as an expert judge.

Sandoval’s number one goal is to always be a positive idol to her teen daughter. She has proudly contributed to local charities that needed her attention. When she initially joined the cast of Master Chef, she vowed to raise over $250,000 for charity. Over time, the donations have reached over $450,000, a personal achievement for the chef. On another note, she has also taken the time to serve on various boards in her city.

Cities ranging from San Diego to South Padre, Texas, will be featured on “Taste of the Border.” Chef Claudia Sandoval is thrilled to show the spice-ridden dishes and more than excited to taste them. She was recently on the Drew Barrymore Show, where she discussed the actual background of Cinco de Mayo. Education of other cultures is something that Sandoval holds near and dear to her heart.

Watch “Taste of the Border” on Discovery+ and let your taste buds lead the way!


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