Argentinian Rapper Trueno Drops Highly Anticipated Conceptual Album “BIEN O MAL”

Latin music has taken over the mainstream airwaves over the passed few years and among the talent to emerge is Argentinian rapper Trueno.

Trueno just dropped his long awaited, second studio album “BIEN O MAL” which has already surpassed 600 million streams globally. This album takes fans on a journey through Trueno’s life, giving listeners an inside look into the Argentine artist’s personal life, taking a look back into his past as well as some foresight 20 years ahead of now.

“Right or wrong through our medium, we are fighting for ourselves. Sacrificing what we have and what we don’t, in search of Peace. There are no differences, in the struggle we are all one”.

The conceptual album has a total of 13 tracks filled with live-recorded instrumentals, talented musicians and producers. Among the track list are five already released singles that have been making plenty of noise; including “PANAMA” with Duki (Gold in Argentina, Spain and Uruguay), “SÓLO POR VOS” (Gold in Argentina and Uruguay), “FEEL ME??” (Platinum in Argentina, Spain and Uruguay; Gold in Chile), “DANCE CRIP” (Platinum in Argentina, Spain and Uruguay; Gold in Chile and Mexico), and “JUNGLE” with Randy and Bizarrap.

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