Rimas’ Kiko El Crazy: The Dominican Taking Dembow To New Horizons

Interview by Gigi Rivera.


Dominican Kiko el Crazy surprises us this year with his album released on March 10; it has 18 songs and collaborations with artists like Jowell and Randy, Ñengo Flow, Arcangel, and Darell. Still, without a doubt, the one that most has stood out is together with Will.i.am with the song LATINA; it is a pretty innovative song that can easily mix the essence of both artists and come to sound in a unique way in which the artist had not been heard.


In addition, Kiko has a great surprise for all his fans, and it is the video of this song where he can represent and carry his flag to the top since it combines the artistic, the original, and the creative. This collab with Will.i.am favors not only Kiko but also the genre as it opens the doors to a new type of listener and to be able to collaborate with more English artists who want to explore other types of sounds and ideas.

Another achievement we are very proud of is its presentation on one of the most critical days for its culture, the “Dominican Day Parade,” which is celebrated once a year in New York City in the second week of August. This fills him with pride since he can continue making people enjoy himself with his music, charisma and spontaneity. It has not been easy for him to be able to build this legacy, but with his talent, effort and work, he has been able to overcome various obstacles and continue advancing in his career.

Kiko El Crazy is not only characterized by his talent but also by his humbleness and the desire to support new artists who are trying to grow in the genre. He affirms that every time he sees talent in a person, Kiko wants to record and be able to help him so that he can continue to improve and create good music so that together they can continue to represent the Dominican flag in the best way.

Surely this Dominican will continue to surprise us with his ideas, music, and creativity.


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