Rising Reggaeton Artist Alejo Talks ‘Pantysito,’ Working with Karol G on ‘Un Viaje’ and More

Rubén Alejandro Estrada Feliu, known in the music industry as Alejo, is now one of the newest faces in the Reggaeton industry. Not just with his solo music but with collaborations with other prominent Reggaetón artists such as Karol G and Feid. At 18 years old, Alejo is grateful for the opportunities coming to him. One of his significant collaborations has been with Karol G with Un Viaje and then in Pantysito with Feid.

Alejo says that both of those songs changed his life completely. Not too long ago, he was in his house, not knowing what he would do with his music, and that’s when the opportunities came by themselves. The artist he never thought he would ever have any communication with contacted him and told him how great he was doing.

All of Alejo’s hard work started at the age of 14, The young artist realized how much she stood out with his freestyle well-being with his friends, which was now recognized with his first nomination at Premios Juventud for the first time at the Puerto Rico Coliseum. Alejo doesn’t stop here. He does have new projects coming on the way, such as his recent songs Un Poquito ft Young Miko and Se Enamoró De Un Reggaetonero, with more than one million views combined.

In an interview with Contrast News’ Gigi Rivera, Alejo said he was listening to songs and was inspired by the whole summer theme and liked that idea but didn’t want to have the same. He wanted something that the people could identify with. He wanted to take the people to the club and enjoy themselves with what he made. That was mainly where the concept of the album was born with. Alejo has said that Malestar has helped his progress and improvement with his music, not just by being catchy but by letting the people who listen to it connect with what he makes. His rise to fame started with the interpreter of ‘Pantysito,’ which allowed him to sour further into stardom.

Alejo explained that he is open to exploring and creating music in genres such as romantic songs and collaborating with artists such as CNCO. Alejo has released other unforgettable hits, such as Location featuring Caleb Calloway and Deja El Misterio ft Lil Joujou, receiving over 7 million monthly listeners on Spotify and gaining over 1.5 and 1.6 million views on YouTube as some people are calling him an emerging star. It’s incredible to know that Alejo does not stop here and will continue to release new music and amazing projects for all of us.

All of Alejo’s music is now available on Spotify, YouTube Music, and YouTube under the name Alejo. To keep up with his daily life and other music he might release soon, follow Instagram @alejoofficiall.


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