Seasons of You: Kat Graham On Navigating Life’s Seasons Through Self-Reflection and Growth

Two years after gracing the cover of Contrast Magazine, Kat Graham returns to our pages, this time with her transformative guided journal, “Seasons of You”. In our conversation with the star, Graham delves into the journal’s creation, revealing her artistic process and the intricate way she turns personal challenges into opportunities for growth.

Kat Graham’s journey in creating “Seasons of You” mirrors her approach to other artistic forms, whether it’s acting, music, or film. She channels her life experiences, particularly the more challenging moments, into this wellness journal. As she explains, the journal is more than just a personal reflection; it’s equipped with tools to guide readers through their own life challenges. This approach reflects Graham’s previous works featured in our magazine, including past cover stories and event coverage.

“Seasons of You” is structured around the metaphor of the four seasons, each embodying different life stages and experiences. Graham emphasizes that there isn’t just one pivotal moment that has shaped the content of her journal; instead, each season is marked by three significant experiences from her life. This structure allows readers to connect deeply with the material, no matter their current life phase.

Graham envisions her readers using “Seasons of You” as a navigational tool through various life stages. Whether it’s dealing with loss (fall) or embracing new beginnings (summer), the journal serves as a guide to understand and adapt to these life changes. Graham’s insights are grounded in her extensive experience in entertainment and humanitarian work, as reflected in our brand deals and event coverage.

Among the various exercises in “Seasons of You”, Graham highlights the ho’oponopono prayer as particularly transformative. This mantra-based exercise focuses on self-forgiveness, a crucial step in personal development and overcoming life’s hurdles.

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Graham underscores the significance of affirmation prompts and manifestation guides in building self-worth and shaping the life one deserves. These tools, foundational in Graham’s life, are recommended for daily practice. Consistency is key, as forming a new habit typically takes around 21 days.


Graham’s diverse roles in entertainment and humanitarian endeavors have profoundly influenced the insights she offers in the journal. Her experiences across different cultures and societies have taught her valuable lessons about life, wealth, and fulfillment. These insights are woven into the fabric of “Seasons of You”, making it a unique source of wisdom for readers navigating the unpredictability of life.


“Seasons of You” is more than just a journal; it’s a testament to Kat Graham’s journey and her commitment to helping others find their path through life’s ever-changing seasons.


Catch the full interview with Kat Graham and Contrast’s Editor-in-Chief, Michael D. Monroe below.


Contrast: Two years ago you graced our cover for the first time and in our conversation, you spoke about your process as an artist and turning pain into art. What was your experience like turning personal life lessons into a format others can interact with, like a guided journal? 

Kat Graham: I very regularly get asked the question about which genre of art I prefer to make. While this journal is a wellness journal, and not a film, show, or song, it definitely comes from the same place of being able to recycle my personal history into something that can bring people into their own awareness. It’s the same process of using some of the worst moments in my life as a way to connect to my audience. The only differences I am also including tools to help anyone, regardless of whether they are an artist, or not, to get through these more difficult moments.


Contrast: Can you describe a pivotal moment from your past that influenced the content of this journal? 

Kat Graham: There’s not just one pivotal moment. The book is broken up into the four seasons. And each season there are three different pivotal moments.


Contrast: How do you envision your readers using “Seasons of You” to navigate the various stages of their lives? 

Kat Graham: I envision my readers using the book based on where they are currently at in their lives. If they just lost a relationship, job, or person, they would be in their fall. If they’re starting a new relationship, just bought a new house, or are feeling empowered because of a circumstance in their life they would be in their summer. I hope they use it based on where they are at.

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Contrast: You mention reflection exercises and meditations. Could you share an example of an exercise that you found particularly transformative? 

Kat Graham: One of my favorite exercises in the book is the ho’oponopono prayer which focuses on a repeated mantra to help build self-forgiveness.

Contrast: Affirmation prompts and manifestation guides are powerful tools. How have they played a role in your life, and how do you suggest readers engage with these in the journal? 

Kat Graham: Affirmation prompts and manifestation guides are the foundation of my understanding of self-worth and building out the life I believe I deserve. Practicing them daily is something I would highly recommend. It takes 21 days to build a habit.

Contrast: You’ve had a diverse career in entertainment and as a humanitarian. How have these roles influenced the advice and insights you offer in the journal?

Kat Graham: I’ve been able to travel the world and work in a variety of countries, industries, and societies. I’ve dealt with some of the most difficult privileged people, as well as some of the easiest most vulnerable people. I’ve been able to see what works and what doesn’t. I have learned firsthand that money doesn’t mean peace of mind, and poverty doesn’t mean desperation. So the advice that I give my readers comes from stripping away the distractions and getting to the root cause.

Contrast: Can you share a true story from your career as an entertainer and what you learned from this specific experience?

Kat Graham: You’ll have to read the book! It’s filled with them.

Contrast: What was the most challenging part of putting together this journal, and how did you push you into your next season?

Kat Graham: The most challenging part of putting together this journal is having to face things that I never thought I would put in writing. I fought very hard to avoid certain aspects of my life so that I wouldn’t have to face them. Knowing that I was going to write something that would eventually help people was what got me through it.

Contrast: If there’s one core message or piece of wisdom you hope readers take away from “Seasons of You,” what would it be?

Kat Graham: Sometimes life surprises us, and we are not ready and left blindsided. This journal is to help guide you through the different seasons in your life so that you cannot only heal but thrive.

Contrast: The definition of Contrast is “to be different.” What makes Kat Graham strikingly different?

Kat Graham: No one else has gone through exactly what I have gone through. No one else has my scars, my stories, my heartbreaks, or my successes. Every person reading this is the same in that way. No one but you has gone through what you have gone through… no one, but you have had the experiences you have had. Everyone in this world is so strikingly different, yet we all go through the four seasons.

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