Latin Music Icon Wisin Explores An Exciting Mix Of Styles In Newly Released Album “Mr. W”

Wisin, globally recognized singer, songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur, has dropped his highly anticipated new album “MR. W,” now available on all digital platforms. “I hope my fans enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the process of creating this for them,” he says.

As a pioneer in Latin Music, Wisin is undoubtedly a legend who continues to churn out hit after hit, and this album is no exception. It highlights Wisin’s unmatched ability to reinvent himself and demonstrates why he remains relevant in the industry. Known for his unique and aggressive rapping, Wisin has dared to emerge in a variety of different fusions, collaborating with Pedro Capó, Mora, Lyanno, Anitta, Yandel, among others. The album includes 20 tracks and promises to take fans on a fresh new ride.

Each track offers a dive into a different dimension of Wisin’s multifaceted world. Released under his own record label La Base Music Group, this album features the work of producers Luny Tunes, Hyde El Químico and Los Legendarios, to name a few.

Inspired by his long career, “MR. W” is a project that took more than two years and showcases Wisin’s versatility and creativity. His thirst for knowledge and diversity played a key role in the development of what he describes as “the album of a person who is still learning and dreaming, not that of a teacher.” He is here to continue shaping the sound of reggaeton.

Photography by Elastic People. Interview by Michael D. Monroe. Story by Nayeli Lomeli.

“Reggaetón is still our core, and what we do best, but we’re daring to do different things,” he said.

Wisin’s favorite part of this adventure was working with a wide range of artists, although he says some were more challenging than others. He collaborated with iconic legends Don Omar and Yandel, but also opted to explore working with newcomers and rising stars including Young Miko, Emilia and Omar Courtz. From recording “Himalaya” with Pedro Capó who isn’t an urban music singer, to working with young Mexican artist from the corridos tumbados movement Gabito Ballesteros on “UN SHOT,” and joining forces with world-renowned Don Omar on the creation of “Puro Guayeteo,” Wisin says each process was a learning experience both as an artist and producer.

“It was an interesting experience to work with Gabito Ballesteros and learn from his ideas and the way he sees the music industry today,” he commented.

During the two-year process in the making of this album, Wisin says there were many ups and downs, but each step had its own merit. “It’s an album made with the heart. It’s an honor to get to do what I love,” he explained.

This album is a memorable new milestone in Wisin’s influential career. It is “a reflection of our culture, of our essence as Latin artists. It is a celebration of the diversity and musical richness that defines our community,” he said.

Photography by Elastic People
Photography by Elastic People

Wisin says this album is the synergy between various artists and producers. He is thankful to everyone who accepted his invitation to join him in this exciting episode of his music career.

“Having an unedited track on my own album with Yandel, a friend who I worked with for more than two decades, fills me with pride. It’s a track that identifies Wisin and Yandel’s flavor, it’s the reggaeton that only Wisin and Yandel know how to create,” he says. “It proves that even after all these years, there is still so much more left for us to do together.”

Wisin released his first solo album El Sobreviviente in 2004, now two decades later, “MR. W” establishes Wisin’s position as one of Latin music’s most distinguished and respected artists. It proves why Wisin remains one of the most popular artists of all time.


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