The Legendary Wisin

The title of a legendary or iconic artist gets tossed around very casually, but not many embody its meaning. Wisin holds and receives that title very graciously and carries it with humility. A career spanning decades and responsible for pioneering the movement of Reggaeton, the list of his career achievements can go on and on. At the same time, his album and the long-anticipated Wisin & Yandel album are in the works. He finds himself currently shifting gears a bit to give fans something fresh under Los Legendarios, which translates to “The Legendaries.” He takes reigns as executive producer to helm a brand new album to kick off the New Year.

Photography by Carlos Perez.

The album, which releases today, features both established acts like Nicky Jam, Zion, Luis Fonsi, Ozuna, and Sech and new artists like Christ Andrew, a newcomer on the scene under his label La Base Music Group. In the nineteen-track project, Wisin flexes his ability and love to create as both artist and executive producer overseeing it all. Production was done in-house in its entirety to showcase both established and upcoming producers. 

His goal was to please fans and also take risks on bringing something new to the table. Not an easy feat considering the daunting task it is to merge all this talent under one roof collectively. However, by its finale, the message is well received. Los Legendarios is a seamless cohesion of sounds allowing the impressive roster of artists to show off their style and choice of genre.

As a common denominator throughout, Wisin shows his passion for continuing creating and the pleasure that it is to continue to in the position to live off of his art. The music game has changed and will continue to do so due to technology advancing rapidly. 

It has shifted how music is both created and received, and he recognizes the need to adapt rather than sticking to tired old formulas. That mentality of sticking to one way only is dated, and it’s left once known famous artists in the past. It’s his mission to forge the connection between Reggaeton when it was first introduced to the world compared to what it is today.

In cohesion with his ideology on collaborating, rather than dividing, he wants to unison; he wants for every Latino to carry their flag with pride and their head held high. Wisin is outspoken in helping Latin communities as a whole. Music has aided in shedding light on the culture, thankfully, however, it is not enough, and more hands are needed to keep pushing forward. Wisin’s career is highly acclaimed and respected; one can even say he’s checked off all the boxes in his lifetime.

Photography by Carlos Perez.

The legacy of Wisin is already made if he chose to step away from it all today, yet he is fervent in continuing to be a positive force in the world. His individuality and respect for others reflect his work, particularly this album that is one giant collaboration, believing in where the weakness lies, another artist can jump in and complement the gap. He described himself as one more ingredient to the music plane.

Furthermore, he understands his platform and is vigilant in mentor and aid the next future generations. Acknowledging the ones before his time who pushed for this genre allows him to see clarity where he can also contribute. He is in a leadership position and claims it with full authority as he continues to inspire the next generation. Don’t stop the music legend.


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