TIDAL Rising: Empowering Independent Artists with Direct Funding and Support

TIDAL, the subscription-based music streaming platform, has recently announced the relaunch of its TIDAL Rising program, offering direct funding and support to independent and rising artists. The program, which has been in existence since the company was purchased by its original artist owners in 2015, has worked with notable artists like 21 Savage, Megan Thee Stallion, and Anderson .Paak, providing them with the platform to showcase their talents and grow their fan base.

In a recent interview, Jason Kpana, SVP of the Artist Relations team at TIDAL, and Alex Mas, part of the Artist Marketing team, discussed the relaunch of the TIDAL Rising program and how it aims to provide economic empowerment to small business owners and independent artists.

According to Kpana, the TIDAL Rising program is focused on showcasing how music can live outside the app through live performances and content. He also said, “The ways that artists can benefit from TIDAL Rising is really having a support system behind them that can maybe fill in the blanks and help them pay more attention to their music instead of having to worry about some of the pain points that artists typically have to worry about while being creative.” However, with the relaunch of the program, TIDAL is adding funding to the initiative, providing a support system for rising artists to focus on their music instead of worrying about common pain points that artists typically face while being creative.

Mas added that TIDAL Rising is now anchored around three key pillars: Educate, Amplify, and Connect. “For Educate, we’re starting to introduce webinars, workshops, and content that’s really dedicated to topics that are relevant to Rising artists such as managing finances, for example,” says TIDAL’s Marketing Director Alex Mas. The Amplify pillar focuses on hosting showcases to allow artists to connect on a deeper level with their fans, while the Connect pillar includes direct funding for artists to use towards their career needs with no strings attached. Mas continued, “So, the biggest differentiator with the direct funding between us and other platforms is that this is no strings attached.”

Mas emphasized that the common throughline across the three key pillars is economic empowerment, which aligns with Block/Square’s mission of economic empowerment for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The TIDAL Rising program is open to a diverse range of artists, from independent to DIY and those signed to major labels. According to Kpana, the selection process is based on a combination of factors, including social media stats, streams, and individual assessments of how TIDAL can help amplify an artist’s career. “But more than anything, we’re looking at those artists individually and seeing if there’s a place that we believe TIDAL could fit in to help amplify their careers,” says Kpana.

The relaunch of the TIDAL Rising program has already announced 20 artists, spanning a variety of genres. However, TIDAL plans to onboard more artists on a rolling basis throughout the twelve-month duration of the program.

In the past, TIDAL Rising has had a direct impact on notable alumni like 21 Savage, Megan Thee Stallion, and Anderson .Paak. “Megan Thee Stallion did one of her first freestyles with [TIDAL Rising] on one of our series and ended up performing on our Rising stage at Made in America that year,” said TIDAL’s SVP of Artist Relations Jason Kpana. Kpana also noted that TIDAL’s focus has been on bringing artists closer to their fan base, discovering new talent, and providing a platform for growth. As an example, Anderson .Paak was interviewed as a TIDAL Rising artist in 2015, which led to multiple interviews and performances at TIDAL events. Now a star in his own right, Anderson .Paak has returned to TIDAL, entrusting his own artists, DOMi and JD Beck, who are signed to his label, to the platform.

With the relaunch of the TIDAL Rising program, TIDAL aims to continue its mission of providing a support system for rising artists while promoting economic empowerment. The program offers a unique opportunity for independent and rising artists to gain funding and access to resources that can help them focus on their music and grow their fan base.

TIDAL is expected to launch a new office in the heart of New York City, designed to provide a networking hub and a knowledge-sharing platform for budding musicians. Alex Mas shared that TIDAL is planning a series of workshops and conferences to empower aspiring artists and strengthen the music industry. Mas confirmed that the office will host events that allow artists to learn from industry experts and connect with fellow creatives. Although the specifics of these events are still in development, Mas promises that more is yet to come, with the first workshop set to launch soon.

In a time when the music industry has undergone significant changes, with streaming services becoming the dominant means of music consumption, initiatives like TIDAL Rising provide necessary support system for rising artists who face numerous challenges, including the need to self-promote, lack of resources, and financial constraints.

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