TwoColors Talks “Lovefool” Collab with Pia Mia

Five years ago, fueled by too much pizza and maybe just the right amount of wine at a favorite Italian restaurant in Berlin, a group of friends announced plans to start creating great music for the entire world to enjoy.

Unlike many promises made while partying hard, this vow is actually coming true in all sorts of creative ways.

Two members went on to become TwoColors, a prominent German DJ/producer duo whose musical style is pretty much “a little bit of everything” and whose electronic music is widely celebrated at dance clubs around the world.

Since 2015, TwoColors has created and released wonderful musical hybrids into the wild by bringing together all sorts of blends of progressive, pop, and alternative ingredients into something worth dancing to and with a great beat. They’ve already earned more than 14.4 million Spotify streams with hits like “Never Done This,” “Chasing Waves,” “Mojo” featuring Bright Sparks, and “Follow You” featuring Muringa. They have more than 15 other tunes ready to release in the near future.

But in November 2020, TwoColors hit it out of the musical ballpark by collaborating with noted vocalist Pia Mia for a catchy and upbeat cover of “Lovefool,” a song originally created by The Cardigans.

In just a few weeks, this version has become an instant classic and has led to more than 330 million total streams, 60 million cumulative views, 3 million Shazams and 1 million Tik Tok creations.

“Lovefool” has gone double platinum in Russia, and hit gold in Finland, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Austria. It has received significant airplay in Germany, and has even led to “The Lovefool Collection,” a selection of clever remixes of the original source material made by Nicky Romero and Lenno, plus an acoustic version.

The appeal of Pia Mia doesn’t hurt either. At only 24, she’s already becoming a serious superstar with influences in music, social media, acting and modeling.

With successful new music recordings such as “Do It Again” and “Bitter Love,” Pia Mia nearly is approaching the 1 billion stream milestone. Other entertainers love collaborating with her, and she’s also appeared in “After” in 2019. Madonna chose her as fashion director for her first clothing line, and Pia Mia has also been seen on the pages of Vogue, Nylon, and Paper.


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