Tainy & Yandel Hold DYNASTY Press Conference at PUMA’s NYC Flagship Store Promoting Joint NEON16 Album

Tainy and Yandel start a new chapter in their careers, releasing their joint album DYNASTY. Although they are long time collaborators, this is a first with Tainy placing himself as an artist with Yandel under the NEON16 label. To promote the release, the duo held a press conference at PUMA’s New York City location.

Conceptually, DYNASTY revolves around a basketball theme in comparison to the music game on how you start off as an unknown player/talent, get scouted a team and eventually reach the big leagues aka the championships. Something they can view as a mirror into careers and where they started and where they are now. That being said, musically they have both found a balance between something fresh with still a hint of nostalgia in there. Calling back to the starting days of reggaeton while successfully finding a way to make it current and stand out.

Photography by Matthew Felix

As a companion to the album and continuing the its theme, a dream came true for Tainy: being able to have world renowned designer Jeff Hamilton create a unique one of a kind jacket as part of look and feel of DYNASTY. It encompasses the though process of the work, as Tainy would be in the NBA had the cards played out for him that way. This moment happening not only that is a goal, it’s a reminder of the status he has achieved to ability to work with someone of that caliber along with representing his home Puerto Rico.

Elevating the value of your ordinary album release, they also collaborated with athletic giant PUMA for a merchandise collection. To commemorate the drop, they released it at the PUMA flagship store in New York City.

Photography by Matthew Felix

It is certainly one of the most impressive roll outs that have been done in the Latin market in recent times. Thoroughly curated from top to bottom to really show the world the genre is capable of evolving and running in the same circles of the other trending ones.

Although no tour has not been announced for the time being, they made it very clear, the door is open for future collaborations.

DYNASTY is available on all streaming platforms out now.

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