Will Chill Wants To Make a Fifth Element Music Video with Pharrell Williams and The Red Hot Chili Peppers

If you have ever rolled around with friends, just shooting the breeze, you can probably relate to Will Chill and his video for his new single, “S’Mores.” The video features Will rolling around in an old school Mercedes and having fun with his compadres. The video for “S’Mores” isn’t overly flashy or cheap; it’s made as if it was filmed from moments of Will’s normal life. “S’Mores” is brilliant in its’ own right and perfect for relaxing and chilling out after a stressful day.

“S’Mores” being from a positive place in Will’s life, Will states, “S’mores” is all about living life on your terms and having the confidence to own what you do.” Will seeks to quiet down all the negativity in the world by screaming out all the positivity he can. Will seems to have become a light in the dark of these uncertain times.

Slightly newer to the music industry, Will Chill’s debut single was released in 2019 and premiered on Ebro Darden & Beats 1 on Apple Music. It is safe to suspect we will be hearing tons of great things from Will in the future.

If you’re interested in even more visual greatness, Will’s Instagram is loaded with thought-provoking photography. An art form that doesn’t disappoint, Will goes to great lengths to get great shots.

Contrast caught up with this busy legend in the making and asked him a few things about himself and his music. Continue reading for some juicy tidbits about Will Chill.

Tell me how you got your start in music. “My journey in music started in middle school. I got introduced to piano by my mother and my cousin who was a drummer so that’s what sparked my curiosity. From there I continued playing instruments, then I got introduced to the world of audio engineering and that took my curiosity to another level. I thought it was so interesting and cool to know how records were produced and mixed like all the working parts of a song.”

What do you want your legacy to be? “One thing I want the world to know, you can truly do what you want to become who you want regardless of what others have to say about it. I don’t box my creativity into one lane, I am a multidimensional person and I have many creative interest. It does not only begin and finish with my music. With all that being said, I want to inspire others to have a real love and confidence in themselves to act on their ideas and passions, however outlandish or far out that might seem to accomplish. Live life unapologetically.”

What would your dream collaboration be and what would that music video look like? “That’s a tough one. I have two actually: Pharrell Williams and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Growing up I listened to a lot of rap/hip-hop and rock/punk. Those genres are where most of my inspiration comes from. A music video with these artists would have a raw feel to it connecting to the streets but imagine the video Cyberpunk 2077 meets Fifth Element. SO it would be very experimental like augmented reality.”

Tell me about ‘S’mores’ and why that title? “New single S’mores Produced by the hit maker chill pill is a feel-good energetic track. S’mores is all about self-confidence not caring what people have to say. We hear people telling us what we can’t or shouldn’t do often, this song promotes doing you to the fullest and being the best you can be unapologetically.”

How has your childhood influenced your music? “In so many ways, I was introduced to punk and rock from my childhood best friend and his father. Outside of that in my household, my parents listened to hip-hop, soul, and funk. The elements from these genres carry over into my music. I really believe drawing inspiration from a variety of things like a big mashup.”

The definition of Contrast is ‘to be strikingly different.’ What makes you strikingly different? “What makes anyone strikingly different is what they chose to alchemize from personal struggles or successes to lead to this moment in their lives, this is what has formed my Individuality. The experiences I’ve had can’t be compared to someone else’s which creates the contrast you see in creatives/people throughout any industry.”


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