Catholic School Suspends Gay Student For Bringing a Male Date to homecoming

It’s that time of year again. High School students all over the US are gearing up to attend Homecoming Dances. While most students are worried about their attire, one student struggles to even ATTEND.

Lance Sanderson was suspended from Christian Brothers High School for attempting to register a ‘male student’ as his date for Homecoming. When Sanderson arrived to school on September 28th, it is said a school administrator told him to “stay home for a week.” Now usually any teenager would be ecstatic for a week off from school, but Sanderson feels wronged. Sanderson then wrote a letter to administration describing exactly how he felt.

‘You won’t let me dance with my date and you won’t let me go to class now either. I had hoped that today would be one for positive conversation going forward. Instead, I was sent home. I haven’t done anything wrong and haven’t hurt anybody. I want to be welcomed back to the school building … and I want this mean-spirited semi-suspension ended, so that I can do my classwork like anybody else.’ – Lance Sanderson

Even though the school insists homophobia does not play an active role in the decision against Sanderson, it appears odd to suspend him for bringing a boy from another school.


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