Celebrity Hairstylist Shares What Makes Him Strikingly Different

Instagram isn’t about taking selfies anymore. “Hair by Jay”, known affectionately as Jay, is all about leveling up and elevating his brand. His celebrity clients range from Ashanti to Kylie Jenner, and even Nicki Minaj and Saweetie to name a few.  We caught up with the renowned hairstylist to the stars and spoke about his journey, the VMA’s, and his latest projects.

Jay initially began styling the tresses of our favorite celebs through Instagram. He explained to us how he would upload hair styling photos so that his audience could marvel at the many works of art he created. One famed star was taken aback by his talent and chose him to create a fabulous look for them alone. This would be Jay’s big break!

Since then, he has had many opportunities, but the highlight that sticks out for him was when he worked at esteemed Spanish award show, “Premios Los Nuestros”. Jay had spent his childhood marveling at the glamorous stars and never imagined he would be part of such a grand production. However, he was and his childhood dream had come to fruition when he styled the hair of someone who took that very stage.

He had been quite busy the night of the VMAs, but sent his congratulations to his peers involved. The most humbling thing about Jay, is that he does not want to be remembered for being a socialite. He wants to be known for creating quality work and working hard to get to where he is. He cites his unapologetic nature as being what makes him different from others as it is not easy for a Hispanic male to break through walls built to keep him out. Jay exudes pride in how far he has come and to be honest, we do as well.

The up and coming hair stylist filled us in on his latest projects to come. “Hair by Jay” will be featured on October 17, 2021, where he will display his skills in how to correctly install a wig. We look forward to his master class and just know he will continue to flourish in the future.

The definition of Contrast is ‘to be strikingly different.’ What makes you strikingly different? What makes me strikingly different is I’m unapologetic. I do what ever makes me happy. I am a young self made Hispanic man whose making big moves. Things are happening even when all the odds where against me.

Tell me how you got into styling hair for celebrities! I got into styling celebrities hair through Instagram. I would upload my hair styling photos for people to see my talent. I did one celebrity and it became like the domino affect after that.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far? The highlight of my career was working at this Spanish award show called “Premios Los Nuestros.” It’s an award show I grew up watching and never in a million years did I think I would attend and be working with someone so iconic who performed that night.

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