Chris Crocker Answers Fan Questions in Contrast Magazine Interview

We asked a few of Crocker’s fans on Twitter to send a few questions that they wanted to hear him answer and here’s what they had to say:

Kayla from Florida asked, “How does one live with being so gorgeous? But on a serious note, what’s a quirk of yours that stands out among the rest?”
Chris Crocker: “Well number one… it’s a struggle to be this gorgeous. Everyday there’s honking cars. It’s just very difficult. Number two, I think my main quirk would have to be that, um, my sense of humor is to seem like I’m serious wen I’m joking and its a constant battle for people to know.. I just have a poker face, like I think it’s funny that people don’t know I’m kidding. I think my poker face is my biggest quirk.”

Rocki from Georgia asked, “How does he come up with his material and keep it under 30 seconds? He’s too funny!”
Chris Crocker: “Well, they’re not all under 3o seconds. Um, but, no video I’ve ever done has been pre-planned. The only time it’s ever remotely premeditated is when I think of a quote in my head and I think, ‘UGH, I wanna put that in a video.’ Um, I literally just turn the camera on and I’m on. I just run with it. There’s no pre-planning. I just go on a rampage and that’s pretty much it.”

Artesha from Ohio asked, “I have a boyfriend and he doesn’t like my best friend, but we’ve been friends for 9 years. What should I do because I love them both.”
Chris Crocker: “I think that’s hard even if it’s vice versa. Anytime you have a situation like that, I think it’s hard when you have two people that you care about that don’t like each other… Um, if they love you, they’re not going to wanna put you in that situation is how I really feel about it. They should respect how you feel about the other person in your life. I mean, I’d just be honest with the person and just say, ‘This makes me really uncomfortable and I’m always gonna care for this person so you need to get along.”

Heidi from Arizona asked, “Where did all of your sass come from? I love it!”
Chris Crocker: “Ummm, my grandmother is naturally really feisty. She taught me from a really young age. My grandmother has always been really strong and she saw I was being picked on when I was literally in kindergarten, like, for real. She taught me really, really young that what other people said about me had nothing to do with me. So, I think when you grow up in a small town and you’re constantly being thrown negativity, you kinda have to have that sassy armor. So, to me, ya know, my weapon of choice is sass.” 

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