Columbus Short Talks Autobiography, New Music, and More

Storytelling is what comes naturally for Kansas City born Columbus Short, and he definitely has plenty of interesting stories to tell. The actor, dancer, choreographer, and singer is best known for his roles in the films “Stomp the Yard,” “Cadillac Records, and “The Losers”, as well as his work in the ABC drama “Scandal.” He also admired for his choreography and worked on Britney Spears’s “Onyx Hotel Tour” and has collaborated with Brian Friedman from “So You Think You Can Dance.”

The multi-talented entertainer told us that he is excited about his future and the projects he is working on. From his new book, “Short Stories” and new single, “Aquarium” to his busy schedule with his production company, Great Picture Show; success is truly deserved for this hard-working entertainer.

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Learning and growing from some mishaps from younger years, Columbus Short is thrilled to be able to be put back into a leadership position so he can prove himself and be a role model for young fans. “I have been through so much. From extreme success to extreme failure. I want to share the perseverance found in this journey of mine. I want to share the belief that you can come back from anything!”

Chatting with Columbus was so inspiring! He shared his thoughts about his book, new music, and plans for the future. He is excited to show us the real person behind the celebrity and is looking forward to an exciting and positive 2021!

Tell us about the inspiration behind “Short Stories.” What would you like readers to get from this autobiography? “My new book, “Short Stories” is doing well, and I am thrilled with the positive feedback. A publisher approached me about writing a book, and it felt right. I concentrated on the healing experience of writing the book and all the amazing and tragic things that have happened in my life – from racism to failed relationships, and more. I hope fans can find a connection through my stories that reminds them that it is not how it starts, but how it finishes that matters. I took the opportunity to focus on the positive and push forward with “Short Stories.”

You’re hitting the music scene as well with your single “Aquarium. What inspires you creatively? “It’s been a long time coming! I’m ready to expand my music career. I was trained in all areas of the entertainment industry and music is a huge part of it. I am going to release my music independently and let the music speak for itself. It’s not what you’d expect! Instead of rap or hip hop, it’s an eclectic R&B mix that was inspired by Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak. It’s a great time for real music and the streaming platform allows people to find and connect with new artists.”

The Grammy’s and other awards shows have started airing virtual performances which has changed the scene for many artists who no longer have the opportunity to perform. How has this pandemic impacted your career? “The pandemic has opened the door to see how creative artists can get. Remote performances demand the need to get creative and excel via live stream. Virtual concerts via social media can and should be amazing…like back in the day when we were waiting to see what extravagant performance Prince or Usher would give! We need to bring back the excitement of performing and I think virtual streaming offers that chance.”

Your production company, Great Picture Show, is developing TV & film projects. Can you share one or a few of the projects with our readers? “I started Great Picture Show 10 years ago, and I am excited to be working on a variety of projects. I’m thrilled to be involved with film and TV projects and to work with other artists to put their music into film and TV and bridge that gap between music and television. A few things in the works include a film about baseball player Dock Ellis’ life story and a series with Mike Tyson. I’m excited to tell stories that inspire and tell a tale.”

Columbus Short is excited about his new music, new book, and the upcoming releases from his production company. Connect with Columbus on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to learn more.


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