Meet Author Tim Timberlake: “The Power of 1440: Making the Most of Every Minute in a Day”

The final conversation Tim Timberlake had with his dad wasn’t what he expected in the slightest.

His father could have easily chewed him out for not living his best life and from turning away from God. You know, all the go, critical things a parent could tell someone who has drifted – especially when the preacher parent was also invested with spiritual authority. 

Instead, his father spent five hours building him up and saying that there is so much good inside of him, and sharing how he was capable of so much and how much he was loved.

Photography by Kayla Harris

“If I had known that would have been my last conversation, I would have leaned in a bit more, stayed a bit longer, and squeezed every minute,” Tim Timberlake said. “I vow from that day forward I would love my life with the mentality to get the most out of every minute.”

He’s still inspired by this moment, which has led him into the ministry and to write two books about motivation and service.

Tim Timberlake recently shared his experiences and shared details about his projects.

What kinds of things did you learn from your dad? As I reflected and remembered the life he modeled and lived, I started to get the sense that God was calling me for a similar life of service. I’ve been finding opportunities to serve my family, community, and church, and also to add value to the lives of anyone I come into contact with. I’ve been doing this for 17 years.

Photography by Kayla Harris

Is your family involved in these efforts as well? My wife, Jennifer, and I are lead pastors of our churches. We also have an amazing 4-year-old, Maxwell.

How do you reach out to people? The pandemic has given us opportunities to engage people without physically seeing them. Sometimes this means going back to picking up the phone and checking in with family, friends and congregation members. Instead of getting people to come to church, we’ve worked on finding ways to get people to have church in their own homes.

Tell us a bit about your book. I called it “The Power of 1440.” It’s based on getting something out of every minute in the day we’ve been gifted. We are given so many ways to create memorable moments and have opportunities to walk and live in the plans that God has for us. All of my books have a theme of hope, and I believe firmly that we can learn from our own pain, struggle, challenges and disappointments as well as others’ experiences.

If I can help readers by sharing some of what I’ve gone through, that’s my deepest desire.  I’m doing something unique with the launch for it. I’m planning a streaming event that will include guests such as pastors, thought leaders, artists, pastors, and friends from around the world.


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