FancyCube Drops Multi-Purpose Balms in New ‘Be Mine Set’

The beauty industry brought in a whopping $511B in 2021 and experts say that number is still growing and by 2025, that number will have jumped to $716B. With this ever-growing world of makeup, it doesn’t take long before you’re sifting through the countless brands trying to find what works for you while still being affordable.

With FancyCube, you can find quality multi-purpose balms ranging anywhere from $14.99 to $21.99. They even have cute FancyCube sets that come with 2, 4 or 8 different shades in each set.

For Valentine’s Day, our makeup partner FancyCube has dropped their #BeMineSet which features a combination of four balms. With just a tad on your fingertip, you can use this super cute multi-function makeup cube on your lips, eyes and cheeks to create the perfect tone.

You have full control with FancyCube!

“FancyCube focused on trendy accessorized beauty products for teens, designed to stay moisturized with a soft mousse texture, our balms have beautiful pigments and non-greasy formula, and only used pure food graded ingredients.”

We spoke with the Founder and CEO of FancyCube, Lulu Guo about the development of FancyCube and what sets them apart from this vast market as well as how they’ve changed the industry with their cute jewelry aspect to the product and what makes a FancyCube girl.

Check out the full interview below!

What does “safe and clean” beauty mean to you? Make-up is now a necessary part of girls’ lives. To be used as their first set of professional cosmetics, and also the royal companion while they’re growing up, FancyCube has ensured a beautiful look with no harmful ingredient. This is also a reflection of my responsibility to my daughter’s growth.

How long did it take to develop the first product, and what was the most challenging aspect of starting your business? It took my decades of experience and expertise to develop the lip balm, which is the first product among the collection. I spent years just on ingredients research and client analysis. Actually, my daughter is the first user that I am studying. You can say FC is created & developed by moms and daughters.

Of course, the challenge is to get sales increased as a startup. However, we truly believe that we have an amazing product line, which is beyond qualified. FC will be eventually recognized by the caring parents, the artsy & beauty seeking girls – our team is confident in that.

FancyCube has really changed the industry with bejeweled beauty products; how did you find inspiration for such innovation, and how do you move it forward? Beauty can be associated with different aspects – girls always want to be unique, pretty, happy and confident. Our product is the perfect fit for their diversified personalities, they can discover themselves finding the perfect color/character by playing the cubes.

Traditional brands are one-way output. However, FC will be creating products together with our customers, literally growing up together. The brand continues to move forward and aims to make a truly user-oriented product line.

How do you define FancyCube girls? FC girls don’t need to be defined. We at FancyCube hope every teenager can grow up to be their imaginary selves – independent, fearless with a strong personality. They should fully enjoy their youth time with unlimited possibilities. Also, the beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.

Founder and CEO, Lulu Guo


What role do you want to play with FancyCube in the beauty industry? What do you want to achieve? FC is a unique brand in the beauty make-up industry. It links the keywords like fashionable, unique, leading, positive, and keep moving forward. It is also like a rule breaker – our girls will not be defined.

Red-ish color can be lip balm but it can also be eye shadow & blush. The blue color is amazing as an eyeshadow, but it looks super doper as a lip balm. Yellow can be used as a spuriously fun blush too. Beauty is a strength – FC is like the Airpods in the makeup industry: special, independent but also compatible.

What products can we expect in the future? Next, there will be a series of skincare products that combine girls’ growth habits. Our principle is to make the healthiest and most interesting products with the best & safest formula. This year, we will be launching a series of cleansing forms, acne resolution products, and skincare designed for girls and young skins.

Whether cosmetic or makeup or lifestyle, what brands do you look to for inspiration? Apple inspires me the most. There is no limit in life and no limit to imagination. Every girl will bloom the brightest side of their life.


Where do you see FancyCube in 10 years? In 10 years, FC will be the “to go” brand for teenager products. Our philosophy is to mix beauty and safe with love as a topping, this concept will continue throughout our product development and content creation. It will help more girls grow up healthily because of this concept.

What new trends do you see coming up in both fashion and cosmetics? In the future, environmental protection, a healthy lifestyle and substantial will continue to be the trend. The fashion industry itself has a social responsibility to lead people to a better lifestyle. We are using recycling packaging & environmentally friendly ingredients to create our products. Going forward, FC will together with artists, women and teenagers to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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