India Shawn Talks Single ‘Don’t Play with My Heart,’ Collaborating With 6LACK And ‘Before We Go’ EP

India Shawn is more than ready to take over the music scene with her eclectic beats and fiery lyrics. She is a singer and songwriter who is enthusiastic to make her name known. Her latest single, ‘Don’t Play with My Heart’ recently broke her record, collecting over 2 millions streams. Critics stated the hit reminded them of the disco era, bringing modern day funk to their playlists. The rising star has vowed to reach that level of success over the course of her career.

Shawn is a native to Los Angeles, California, so she is no stranger to Hollywood. After obtaining her degree in sociology and nonprofit, she reflected on the most effective way to reach as many people as possible. India took her knowledge in charitable organizations and used it to produce struggling listeners all over the world. Through helping others, she has found her true self in the process. She is able to work on her version of self-love now that she has begun helping others.

‘Before We Go’, India Shawn’s upcoming EP is a collection of songs she has put together to reach her fans. She is prepared to drop the album once it reaches the level of perfection she feels her audience deserves. Her hit single ‘Movin On’ featuring Anderson Paak recently debuted on episode 2 of the series finale of Insecure. She describes the knowledge of this as her personal dream come true as Issa Rae is one of her favorite celebrities.

Her collaboration with 6lack, ‘Not Too Deep’ was another song that made its rounds. India describes 6lack as family as he joined in on another single with her ‘Mourning Star’. She recommends for any newcomer to trust their instincts, but to have fun creating their art. Making it an enjoyable experience makes the journey worth it. This coming year, she is looking to release her long-awaited EP ‘Before We Go’.

India Shawn is also looking to expand her wings into a new territory, acting. Keep track of the star’s social media to join her on this wild journey.

We are pleased to speak with a woman of such high estate, India Shawn. Tell us about yourself, India! Thank you! I’m a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles CA, (but I also rep the A). Got a degree in sociology and non-profit because I had dreams of changing the world, but now mainly focused on being the coolest, highest self version of me and impacting people through song.

Are you eagerly awaiting the release of your freshest new EP, ‘Before You Go’? I think collections of songs are really important, especially as new fans are discovering the music. I’ve been sitting on this project for so long, it honestly pains me to have to withhold the entire album, but it’s a good practice in patience.

‘Don’t Play with My Heart’ met an accomplishment to the tune of over 2 million streams. Do you feel motivated to meet that level of success again? Absolutely! I’m trying to quadruple that times 5.

Critics claimed ‘Don’t Play with My Heart’ was reminiscent of the 70’s disco era. Has that decade influenced the rest of your music? I really wanted to figure out my version of “uptempo” .. something people could move to, my version of up leans disco. Don’t Play With My Heart was a moment. This projects has a nice range of sounds.

Your hit single, ‘Movin’ On’ featuring Anderson Paak was recently aired during episode 2 of the series finale of Insecure. How surreal was it hearing your song play at that very moment? It was a dream come true!! Issa Rae is my favorite person on planet Earth. Insecure is my fave show ever. I really made that happen through pure love & intention.

Now 6lack is also a well-established artist whose saucy ballad, ‘Imported’ also took off. What was collaborating on your song, ‘Not Too Deep’ with another successful peer feel like? 6lack is family. He’s so talented and so tapped in. We hadn’t made anything since our SoundCloud gem ‘Mourning Star’ (also featuring JID). I sent the song to him and he sent that verse back to me in all of its perfection, it was the clarity that song needed.

What advice would you give musicians who look to yourself in admiration? Make things you like and have fun doing it. Be open, but trust your instincts.

What can we expect to see from you, music wise or other, in the upcoming year? A full album — I pinky swear! .. and another project after that. I want to act. Just expect for me to keep expanding and popping up on your timeline.




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