Joyner Lucas Drops Captivating New Single ‘Broski’ Starring Rotimi from Upcoming Album ‘Not Now, I’m Busy’

Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist Joyner Lucas has just released his highly anticipated single, “Broski,” giving fans a taste of what’s to come on his forthcoming album, “Not Now, I’m Busy.” With this release, Joyner once again showcases his storytelling abilities and delves into the complex issue of friends turning on each other when money, power, and greed enter the picture.


In the accompanying music video, Joyner enlists the talents of actor Rotimi to bring his narrative to life. The song explores the challenging situation that many entertainers find themselves in when their once-supportive friends undergo a drastic transformation due to envy and jealousy.


Joyner’s lyrical prowess shines through as he delivers electrifying bars that shed light on this all-too-common phenomenon. He cleverly contrasts the perspective of a friend who uplifts and supports with the harsh reality of that same friend becoming resentful and deceitful. Lines like “You ain’t nothing but a phony. You a liar. You a snake. You can rap but ain’t Kendrick, you ain’t Cole, you ain’t Drake” paint a vivid picture of the betrayal experienced by artists in the industry.


“Broski” marks the fifth release from Joyner’s highly anticipated album, following previous hits such as “Cut U Off (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again),” “What’s That?,” “Blackout (feat. Future),” and “Devil’s Work Part 2.” Fans have eagerly awaited this album as it will be Joyner’s first full-length project in three years.


Watch the full video for “Broski” below.

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