K-Pop Sensation P1Harmony’s Latest Mini-Album ‘HARMONY: ALL IN’ Takes the World by Storm

K-Pop sensation P1Harmony released their sixth mini-album, “HARMONY: ALL IN,” marking the conclusion of the successful HARMONY series. The album’s lead single’s music video, “JUMP,” enjoyed an impressive debut, garnering 1.9 million views in its initial four hours and reaching 12 million views within 24 hours. The dance track, characterized by alternative pop and hip-hop influences, reflects P1Harmony’s continuous growth.

Apart from “JUMP,” the album showcases P1Harmony’s diverse sound through five other tracks. These include “Love Me For Me,” a self-love anthem; “More Than Words,” an afrobeat-pop fusion; “New Classic,” a hip-hop-inspired piece; “Heartbeat Drum,” a pop-dance track, and the soothing R&B melody, “I Am You.” P1Harmony continues to be recognized for their unique harmonization and captivating raps, with “HARMONY: ALL IN” highlighting these elements. The album’s themes center around love, self-expression, and embracing individual uniqueness.

Next on the agenda for P1Harmony is their first-ever headline tour across Canada and Latin America, which follows a successful North American tour. Fans can expect high-energy performances bringing the HARMONY mini-album series to life.

P1Harmony’s “HARMONY: SET IN” featured the single “Back Down,” and their debut, “HARMONY: ZERO IN,” introduced the popular “Doom Du Doom.” The group’s breakout single, “Do It Like This,” has exceeded 10 million views, affirming their global popularity and echoing their 2021 MAMA “Best Rookie of the Year” award.

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