Korean Rapper CAMO Is Up Next, Takes Over with “CAMO: WIFEY TOUR”

CAMO is the latest in Asian rap to steal the hearts of many. Her unique vocal abilities and captivating lyrics have made even Pacific listeners addicted to her music. She made an impression on the market after her breakout EP, “ICE” – an album that was widely received. Since then, she has also created the album “Fragile” and singles “Wifey” featuring Simon Dominic and “Freak Like Me” produced by Dayrick. Paired with stunning visuals, the songs are not only bops, but the singer is laser-focused on all future projects and performances.

CAMO was born Park Chaeryung in Hong Kong but moved to South Korea, set on embracing a musical destiny. She immediately got to work and meticulously created a sound that executives had never heard before. The most significant advantage was that she had obtained skills in mastering languages as a bilingual entertainer. At just 24 years old, she landed a deal with independent label Unbound Entertainment Group. The company has also worked with Yuna, Sam Kin, and Baek Yerin on their individual careers.

Slaying every time, it is no wonder that artists are eager to collaborate with the versatile CAMO. She has made great hits with BIBI, Coogie, and the ever-so-popular JMIN. After releasing the joint project and music video with JMIN, “Life is Wet,” she amassed over 10 million views on Youtube. Afterward, CAMO was selected as one of Korea’s top freshman rappers by HIPHOPLE, an accomplishment for the star. Everyone who has experienced CAMO sees her natural talent and can’t wait to see her grow from here.

CAMO is currently in the process of going on her very own tour, “CAMO: WIFEY TOUR.” She will be attending a total of 6 cities in the United States and Canada during the event. The first of the series will be in Los Angeles on August 16th at 1720. She can also be expected in Toronto, San Francisco, Vancouver, New York City, and Calgary. Europe still remembers her enchanting performance the year before and eagerly anticipates her return. Check out her performance while she’s in your city – you won’t want to miss it!


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