HBO’s ‘Ballers’ Star Omar Miller Talks Hit Series The Unicorn, Ozone Podcast Show and More

In terms of actors with range, it’s hard to find someone who does things better than Omar Miller. Sure, it would be easy for this big guy to be permanently typecast as a “heavy,” perhaps some kind of player due to his 6-foot-6 height.

But Omar’s acting ability has convinced casting directors – and the public – that he can take on just about any role and fill in anyone’s shoes – even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (do they even wear shoes?)

Omar Miller has been in everything from Eninem’s friend in “8 Mile” to a soldier in the critically-acclaimed “The Miracle at St. Anna.”  He was part of the investigation team in “CSI Miami” and played a retired football player in “Ballers.”

He does comedy well but also has the ability to find a serious tender place with a lot of heart when the script calls for it.

Audiences have enjoyed Omar Miller’s role as Ben in the CBS comedy “Unicorn.” Even with the constant wisecracks, the show’s cast and writers touch on serious topics, including racial issues and some of the current divisions in our society.

As a cast member, he could happily read his lines and go home, but he feels there are some topics worth speaking up about, so he does what he can to push the writers and cast to tackle sometimes challenging topics. Sometimes, he even feels a little comfortable and out his comfort zone.

But ultimately “going there” on topics of racial justice, especially in such a supportive environment as the “Unicorn” family, there are opportunities to safely learn and share. And laugh.

The same push for a little more is heard in “Ozone,” a podcast hosted by Omar Miller and his brother Terry Miller. Though the overall topic is sports and entertainment, they do what they can to slip in some tough questions.

The actor continues to enjoy being a storyteller through his acting whether it’s a serious film, a HBO series or a network comedy.

In fact, he’s feeling refreshed and ready to take on more in 2021 – during the first few months of quarantine last year, he confessed he “regressed” and turned into a teenager by staying up late watching TV night after night, and not caring about anything or anyone. But he pulled himself out of the darkness and is ready to do great things. Along with his superior acting, he also runs the Omar Miller Foundation, which provides food, sanitary supplies, gloves and more to Los Angeles residents. This effort includes delivering products to different locations rather than asking recipients to come to one place. 

Follow Omar on all social media platforms @omarbensonmiller.


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