Akapellah And Prok Release Collaborative EP “16 MILLAS” With Nostalgic 90s Hip Hop Flow

In a fusion of Spanish and Venezuelan rap, artists Prok and Akapellah have released a powerful EP, “16 Millas.” This transoceanic collaboration, named as an homage to the metaphorical distance bridged between the artists, seamlessly combines diverse rap traditions, resulting in a fresh, yet nostalgically 90s, hip-hop flow.

This seven-track project, featuring notable producers like Blasfem, Sceno, Lowlight, and Fakers, masterfully revives the gritty ambiance of 90s hip-hop just in time for hte 50th year of the genre. It intertwines this nostalgic sound with the vibrant lyricism of Prok and Akapellah, along with cinematic references and evocatively titled tracks like “Kurosawa.”

“16 Millas” stands as a testament to the unifying power of music, bridging cultural and geographical divides. Through this innovative EP, Prok, and Akapellah not only highlight the global potential of Spanish-speaking rap but also honor the timeless essence of 90s hip-hop, creating a unique sound that is both a nod to the past and a celebration of the future.

Full Traklist:
1. “16 MILLAS” – Prok, Akapellah, Blasfem
2. “Vegeta x Trunks” – Prok, Akapellah, Sceno
3. “Kurosawa” – Prok, Akapellah, Ayax y Prok, Blasfem
4. “Sin cash” – Prok, Akapellah, Sceno
5. “Medallo” – Prok, Akapellah, Lowlight
6. “Super sexi” – Prok, Akapellah, Fakers
7. “Como se merece” – Prok, Akapellah, Blasfem

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