Ariane Andrew: Queen of All Trades

Ariane Andrew considers herself a “Queen of All Trades” – and it’s a title well-deserved. From competing with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.) as Cameron, to creating a fitness app (DoubleAAcademy), and hosting her talk show Sippin’ The Tea, as an entrepreneur of Label my Keys, and now with a hit song called Born With It produced by Dave Allen, the sky has no limits.

However, no matter what Ariane tries her hand at, it’s always with purpose and passion, so listen little bitch she was born with it.

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You recently launched your fitness app Double Academy – tell us about the platform and what makes it unique? It is a stand alone app that Lean on digital App helped me design with my own tailored app and branded pizzazz of exactly what I wanted to have in my app. I was so excited to create this fitness app because for someone who has struggled through mental health hurdles, I am one of the 1st apps that focuses on the importance of taking my trybe to the school of not only getting  physically fit, but mentally fit. It Is available worldwide and can be downloaded on google play and at the app store. I offer a galore of other things. Click here to check it out. Lean On Me and Come become the best version of yourself.

Fitness is about both the physical and mental well-being – tell us how you stay mentally strong juggling multiple projects?

I like to be pretty transparent because I think it’s important that we don’t always show our highlight reel of the best moments.Life is filled with such roller coaster rides and even though I do consider myself a Queen of All Trades I definitely have moments of defeat but what keeps me aligned is an acronym I use called T.I.M.E.


T- I wake up every morning and express gratitude and thankfulness. Every morning I use a journal called the 6-minute diary. Sometimes I think we forget how rich and fortunate we are for the small things we take for granted. 

I- I set my intention and always make sure I fuel my mind with insight that aligns with my current goals and beliefs.

M: I meditate with headspace and take (me)natl time by getting massages, having deep and meaningful conversations, nice dinners, great wines and drinks alongside the people I love and care about as well as sleeping in when I want to, etc..

E- I experiences 4-5x a week and I execute on my goals even if that means only doing one small task that day. Every day that I wake up is an opportunity missed if I  don’t execute on my dreams and goals.

We’re on borrowed time so when I am feeling low I ask-yourself, how am I using my T. I. M. E wisely?

You’re widely known from the WWE – what do you take away from your time in the ring both on a physical level but also mental and business? The saying is if you can make it into the WWE, you can  make it anywhere. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity that I had with WWE, because it shaped me to become even stronger and have a resilient mind to always chase my dreams and never take no for an answer. If I get knocked down, that’s ok because now I have a better approach to face my competition, which is myself. It is me versus me everyday in this ring of life.  Where I stand in my life is that if a door does not open, I create my own door and then knock it down. I always say the worst thing anyone in life could ever do is let a dream live at the cemetery.

You’ve released music this year with your smash single Born With and shown a different side to your brand. What can we expect on the music front these next few months? How do you find musical inspiration? It’s been super exciting coming out with Born With it, which the original version was produced by Dave Allen.  Born With It is my sassy way of reminding young girls and boys that you are your own superpower and no one can do you like you. Remember everything you ever wanted in life you were already “Born With It”. I also dropped a remix produced by award winning producer Damon Sharpe who has worked with Ariana Grande, JLo etc.. I was able to take both genres of music I really love and create different versions for my love for hip hop-rap as well as EDM/electronic music.

My inspiration comes from everyday life and finding my own creative lane to express myself based on what I feel like goes on in our world and society. I have some great collabs in the works that I am looking forward to sharing with everyone but in the meantime make sure to stream my music by Clicking Here.

What is a business woman in your mind? What makes you stand out as an entrepreneur? A fempreneur is a woman who intentionally walks to the beat of her own drum while creating value and helping others along the way. What makes me stand out as an entrepreneur is that I am a Queen Of All Trades.  I consider myself a Queen Of All Trades I have my fitness app, DoubleAAcademy,  co-host a talk show Sippin’ The Tea TV Show , the founder & CEO of customizable keychains called LabelMyKeys and I co-wrote, executive produced and played the lead of an award winning short film called Jaded Pictures.

How important is image in the entertainment business? How do you stay true to yourself in a world that is heavy on produced images? It is important based on my level of happiness. If I feel happy then I know I am doing things right. In a world that teaches us to be perfect and to look like the next person I don’t let society create my rules. I create my own. When I stay in my own lane there is no traffic.

What can we expect next for Ariane Andrew? You can expect me to continue being the Queen of All Trades with everything I have going on. The sky’s the limit and I have barely even scratched the surface!

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