Kehlani Stands Up for Creatives: ‘Always Credit Your Team,’ ‘It’s Just Basic Respect’

Kehlani is taking a stand for creatives and I’m here for every bit of it!

The ‘Ur Best Friend’ singer took to Twitter recently to host a #ASKHYPHY Q&A with her fans to promote her recent music video with Kiana Ledé.

A fan posted ‘#ASKHYPHY I love how you give credit to all the people that make these things happen, on screen and behind the scenes. Why do you think it’s important to highlight these individuals?’

Kehlani quickly responded with ‘ALWAYS CREDIT YOUR TEAM!’ She continued by saying ‘no matter what they do. in this internet based world a lot of folks and especially creatives get their jobs from being seen and showcased online. you could change someone’s life with a tag! + it’s just basic respect.’

Not all heroes wear capes.

An entire third of freelancers work in a creative field. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, over 11 million Americans are behind on rent. Having celebrities like Kehlani take a stand for creatives like this as well as actively supporting with full credit/tagging will influence others to join in.

Suddenly I have #UrBestFriend on repeat again and so should you.

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