Dreezy Talks New “HITGIRL” Album, Wanting To Collab with SZA and Play A Black Marvel Character

The 4x GRAMMY-nominated artist Dreezy has been pursuing music for as long as she can remember. It all started back in Grammar School when she found herself involved in a lot of extracurricular activities. “I was in the poetry club, art club, jazz band,” she said. “My music teacher used to take me to the House of Blues… taught me how to play instruments such as the saxophone, piano, flute.” She credits poetry for teaching her how to rhyme, though it wasn’t until High School that she took her talents to the studio for the first time. Today, Dreezy is celebrating the release of her forthcoming album, “HITGIRL.” The highly anticipated album is executive produced by 3x Grammy Award-winning producer Hit-Boy. This is their first collaborative project and Dreezy is very pleased with the results. “Creating this album was pretty quick. I would fly in a few times of the month, and we’d record five to seven songs each session” she said. Their song “Phases” was the first song they recorded. “I remember he played the beat and within 30 minutes I had finished it. We were vibin’ so everything was pretty easy,” she said.

In the midst of recording and trying to figure out a name for the album, a friend of hers suggested the title ‘HITGIRL.’ “I had thought of HITGIRL before but didn’t think it was spicy enough… but when my friend said it, I knew that had to be the name,” said Dreezy.


She indeed loved the name so much that she created a character to go along with it. “I wanted to bring HITGIRL to life. I thought to myself… I should just make a Black Marvel character,” she said. As we see in the music video for their single “They Not Ready,” Dreezy is connected to wires that convert her into HIRGIRL. “My vision was to create a badass alter ego of mine in Hit-Boy’s world,” said Dreezy. And that’s exactly what she did.

The album has 10 tracks and features artists such as Coi Leray, Future and more. Despite the recent release of “HITGIRL,” Dreezy is already working on her next project. “I’m trying to reach out to Mary J Blige right now,” she said. “I also have a song that I think SZA would sound very dope on.” Dreezy also admits she’s willing to try new sounds such as Afro-Beats.

If you can’t get enough of Dreezy on your radio, you can watch her acting debut in NETFLIX’s ‘Beats, co-starring Anthony Anderson. “I would love to continue pursuing my acting career. Though it’s not easy,” she said. Dreezy loves to play characters with strong voices; “I think it would be fun to have a role as a politician,” she said. Regardless, she’s constantly practicing and knows soon she’ll be ready for any acting role given.

With all of her success, Dreezy is always sharing her advice with upcoming artists. “I tell them to stay consistent and stay confident. Keep going until you can’t anymore and never stop believing in yourself,” she said. Dreezy also believes artists must take advantage of the internet.


It’s no secret that the multi-platinum artist Dreezy’s hard work is paying off. “I’m excited for all that’s coming, but right now we’re just focused on and celebrating ‘HITGIRL,’ she said. We certainly look forward to all of her upcoming projects!

Stream the new album below! Let us know what you think! 


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